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Weather Bar
Weather Bar

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  1. Oak Weatherbar for External Doors
    Oak Weatherbar for External Doors
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Oak Weatherboard, Oak Weather bar

At UK Oak Doors we stock a vast variety of products, ranging from oak accessories to solid oak external doors, all of which carry the same care and attention ensuring they’re in keeping with our high standards. This is certainly the case when it comes to the care of our doors with the use of an oak weather bar.

Our weather bars have been designed specifically to accompany any external door being fitted to your home. We highly recommend that a weather bar is fitted along with any door which will be exposed to the elements as it will prevent moisture from rain and other weather conditions from travelling underneath the door and will act as a natural deflector within such environments.

Made from the same high quality hand-picked timber, our door weather bars offer a combination of excellent looks and fantastic durability.