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Solid Oak External Door Frame

Here at UK Oak Doors it’s our view that our customers’ experience should reflect the same high quality we offer within our products, whether this be selecting a range of accessories or possibly finding the right products to match their flooring. This certainly is the case when informing our customers about our solid oak external door frame.

Our solid oak external door frame has been manufactured using the finest quality European oak which has gone through a lamination process which provides longevity and a lasting premium appearance throughout its use.

A solid oak external door frame is an important feature as it bridges the gap between your solid oak external door and the surrounding walls to provide a smooth and gradual transition. With our door frames using the same hand-picked timbers as our doors, it’s the best possible solution to match up the natural and desired finish across both products. With the visual qualities going hand-in-hand so does the availability of size, with our solid oak external door frame you’ll be able to modify the frame to ensure a snug and clean fit with any of our external doors.

The Aquamac Seal this will create a comfortable fit ensuring a reduction with drafts into your home. All in all a tremendous product for unifying the appearance of your new external, removing the aged look of a UPVC front to your home.

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