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External Doors
External Doors

External Doors

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Our extensive range of external oak doors has been carefully put together to cater for all types of properties. Whether you have a listed cottage or modern newbuild, we have the external oak door for you. 

External Doors

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Over 500 happy customers and growing

“Excellent sales service and top quality oak ledged doors.”

William Grindley- Trust Pilot Verified Customer

“Excellent sales service and top quality oak ledged doors.”

William Grindley- Trust Pilot Verified Customer


Over 500 happy customers and growing


External Door Accessories

Choosing the correct products to go alongside your external door is essential to get right, so with this in mind we have selected the most popular accessories for your convenience.

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The right door furniture is the perfect finishing touch

We have a huge range to compliment all of our oak door styles, no matter what your preference is

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Wood Protection

Selecting the right finishing product is essential

Oak doors need the right treatment to enhance the grain and ensure that they are protected

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Need some inspiration? Take a look at what's on-trend with this week's most popular products.

Oak External Doors

External Oak Doors make an incredible entranceway into your home and can increase the appearance and value of your home greatly. Have you been searching for interesting and innovative designs for your front door? or even back door?

Solid Oak External Doors compliment an interior look and you know what they said, first impressions count! If you love the look of Solid Oak Exterior Doors and would consider using them on the exterior of your home, please reach out to us at UK Oak Doors. We can help you find exactly what you want and are able to offer a range of types, styles, and customizable features for your external oak doors. Whether you’re hunting for a great set of French patio doors or even stable doors, we’ve got you covered.

Oak Wood

Oak trees grow most commonly in the Northern Hemisphere, largely in North America, Europe, and throughout Asia. There are more than 600 different species of oak trees that grow as both deciduous and evergreen trees. Oak is ideal for building exterior doors because of its high density and ease of use. It also naturally resists insects and fungus diseases because of its high levels of tannin.

Choosing a Type of Door Made From Oak

Since oak is such a hard, strong wood, it is extremely easy to work with. Craftsman all over the world love to use solid oak for its diverse range of uses, quality of wood, and stunning appearance. It’s these factors that have motivated craftsmen and carpenters to use oak as a building material for centuries. We provide a range of wood grades and sizes so that you can customize your door for your needs and purpose.

External doors are a perfect place to integrate period doors with a classic, traditional appearance that reflects an era. Cottage, Suffolk, Victorian, and Georgian doors are all incredible as external period doors as well.

Glass is also a common feature on exterior doors, adding a more intricate and complex design. This attention to detail and innovation can help you create stunning entranceways to your home. If used properly, glass can accent your external oak doors incredibly and create a modern and sophisticated look - after all, glazed external doors have become extremely popular in recent years

Add Character with Glazed Oak Doors

Glazed doors use panes of glass or paneling along the top or bottom rails to create a frame around the door. This wider frame gives the door a more interesting and innovative design, creating a wide frame that gives more or less privacy with the use of glass. Used as external doors, glazed doors can give your home or business added character and make the entrance more beautiful and elaborate. Here at UK Oak Doors, we supply both glazed and unglazed doors. For those who opt for a glazed style, we recommend our beautiful double glazed external doors to complement both modern and older homes.

Fire-Rated Doors

One of the best ways to protect against fire or smoke damage and emergencies is by having fire-resistant doors. In some places, these doors will be necessary due to building control regulations. This is especially true of garage doors, which could isolate a fire and protect other areas of the home.

Benefits of Choosing Doors Created From Oak

There are a number of benefits from using a naturally strong, durable, and beautiful wood like oak. It is easy to work with, holds up to wear and tear from both use and weather, and enhances the appearance of any home’s exterior, creating a beautiful look and evoking feelings of the countryside.

The material quality of oak wood also makes it naturally beneficial for protecting against intrusion fire and smoke emergencies. These doors should resist damage more than other types of woods.

Picking an Oak Door for Outside Your Home

Oak doors are commonly used on the exterior of your home to elevate the appearance. As a traditional, classic looking wood with a naturally appealing grain, oak can be used to give your home a rustic appeal or even match a period theme or style. Oak doors can also be used to accent or highlight various features and characteristics of your home and property. For those with more traditional homes, we recommend our victorian external doors or 1930s external doors to suit the style of a period property. If you prefer a more contemporary look we stock gorgeous modern external doors or add more character to your home with our stunning external barn doors.

Since oak is an easy wood to work with, you can create a range of types and styles with your oak doors, adding glazing and glass if you want. The variety of selection available makes it easy to find an oak door configuration that works for you and your home!

For all of your oak door needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at UK Oak Doors today. Whether you want French, contemporary or veneer doors, we have the widest selection of oak products!