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Choosing Your Door Knobs

Our view at UK Oak Doors is to maintain the same care and attention we strive to deliver within our customers’ experience as we do with the quality of our product. This could be as simple as adding the right accessories to your bathroom door or possibly selecting the right architrave for your kitchen, whatever you need we will always go out of our way to make sure you get what you need and this is certainly the case when helping you find the perfect door knob.

We know that selecting the correct door knob can be a troublesome experience as you aim to get the most out of the door’s character without compromising the appearance of your door. The right door knob will unify the door’s design and will be the final touch in making your new door or existing door feel in place. We have collected a diverse range of door knobs to make sure that whatever style you’re after, we’ll certainly be the ones to have it for you.

The range we have is forever on the increase as we find more high quality products that we approve to be suited to our doors. If you’re looking to find the final touch for your traditional door such as one of our panel or 1930’s style doors then the use of our Black Beeswax door knob will create a highly desirable rustic look. If you’re wishing to find a more contemporary look for one our modern doors, then our Nickel Beehive door knob will offer some subtle detail alongside a unified nickel finish. With so much to compare, you’ll certainly find one that suits your home.

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