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Oak Internal Doors
Oak Internal Doors

Oak Internal Doors

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Oak Internal Doors By Type

As the oak internal door experts, we have the best range of internal doors for you to choose from with a huge variety of designs, suiting all tastes with modern and traditional styles. Whether you're looking for a contemporary internal door or a traditional style door, we've got you covered. From panel to period doors, french to fire doors, we've grouped our ranges of interior doors to make it easy to find exactly what you need.

Contemporary Doors

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Glazed Doors

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Cottage Doors

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Panel Doors

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Period Doors

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Fire Doors

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French Doors

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Double Doors

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Bifold Doors

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Wheelchair Accessible Doors

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Solid Oak Doors

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Oak Veneer Doors

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The Rustic Collection

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Over 500 happy customers and growing

“Excellent sales service and top quality oak ledged doors.”

William Grindley- Trust Pilot Verified Customer

“Excellent sales service and top quality oak ledged doors.”

William Grindley- Trust Pilot Verified Customer


Over 500 happy customers and growing

Oak Internal Doors By Style

Deciding on the right style for a particular type of room or property is an important decision. For your convenience, we have carefully grouped together our most popular styles. You'll be able to easily find the right sort of door for your home and interior style, including both modern and traditional internal door types. From cottage style barn doors, to a contemporary Mexicano door, we've got every type of oak internal door you could want!

Victorian Doors

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Barn Doors

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Ledge and Brace Doors

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Oak Mexicano Doors

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Suffolk Doors

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1930s Doors

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Shaker Doors

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Frame and Ledge Doors

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Two Panel Doors

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Four Panel Doors

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Five Panel Doors

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Stable Doors

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Fire Doors & Accessories

If you're looking for that extra level of protection, browse our fire door collection - complete with all the accessories you'll need to protect your home or office against a fire. Ensure that your home or office complies with buildings regulations with our FD30 & FD60 range of fire doors, prodiving essential protection in the unlikely worst case scenario. We believe there's no need to compromise on style when opting for a fire door.

Oak Fire Doors

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Oak Glazed Fire Doors

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Frames, Linings and Casings

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Strips & Seals

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Internal Doors Accessories

To provide you with the most stree-free buying experience, we have used our extensive door knowledge to offer you the best accessories you'll need for your internal doors. Browse our selection of fabulous door furniture, offering various styles from traditional handforged door latches to sleek and contemporary internal door handles, we've got it all!

Oak Skirting and Architrave

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Door Hardware

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Oils, Waxes and Paints

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Door Hardware

The right door furniture is the perfect finishing touch

We have a huge range to compliment all of our oak door styles, no matter what your preference is

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Wood Protection

Selecting the right finishing product is essential

Oak doors need the right treatment to enhance the grain and ensure that they are protected

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Best Selling Internal Doors & Accessories

Need some inspiration? Take a look at what's on-trend with this week's most popular products.

Solid Oak Ledge And Brace Door


87 reviews
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Victorian 4 Panel Solid Oak Door


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Oak Internal Doors

Internal Oak Doors are manufactured with solid oak provide a perfect entranceway into your house and can make your home look lovely to visitors. Internal oak doors can also increase the value of your property as they bring a traditional, classic appearance inside and can drastically alter the look and feel of the rooms in your house.

Solid Oak Internal Doors have proven to be reliable, affordable and effective. Here at UK Oak Doors, we have a fantastic selection of oak interior doors and oak living room doors and we can help you get exactly what you are looking for with our range of types, styles, and available customisable features. Are you looking for contemporary oak doors or considering oak panel doors? We can help.

What is Oak Wood?

Oak trees grow mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, largely in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. There are approximately 600 different species of oak trees that range from deciduous to evergreen. Oak is great for building because it has a high density, making it strong and sturdy. It is also highly resistant to insects and fungus diseases, such as wood worm because of its high level of tannin.

Choosing a Type of Interior Door Made From The Finest Quality Oak

A gorgeous wood that can be used for making various types and styles of doors, oak has often been a popular choice for building materials and products for 100’s of years. Depending on what you want, there are a range of grades and cuts that you can choose from. 

Oak is perfectly suited for creating period doors that reflect a specific period of time. These doors are also ideal for cottage, Suffolk, and more traditional styled solid wood interior doors.

Oak can equally be used to create a more elegant look when glass is incorporated. The combination of oak and glass creates a unique look that helps you customize the appearance of the door inside your house. This charming style of door is perfect for maintaining a unique theme throughout your entire home or for creating a specific look in a single room.

What are Glazed Oak Doors?

Glazed oak doors feature panes of glass or panelling along the top or bottom rails, adding some character and design to your door. While other doors may be supplied unglazed, UK Oak Doors provides both options. This makes it a more interesting and intricate design, which can help add style and give a stunning look. Doors built using oak are able to be glazed for both personal or professional uses as internal doors and would make a great addition to a house or business.


The Importance of Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors can be very important to ensuring safety against both fire and smoke. Fire doors are sometimes specified by building control regulation and are designed to isolate different rooms and control a fire.

You can also have a fire-rated basement door to protect against any possible fire danger coming from below. Almost any type of door you get can come with a fire-rating, offering more protection against fire dangers

Benefits of Choosing Doors Created From Oak

Doors made using oak create a classic, countryside feeling and appearance that will evoke an English heritage. These doors can be used to maintain your theme and style throughout the entire home, inside and out. This will let you match your interior design to that of the exterior.

Oak is a hard, strong wood that will be durable enough to last long and maintain its quality. Due to its inherent strength it is often more protective against both intrusion and fire emergencies, resisting fire damage better than some other materials.

Picking an Oak Internal Door for Your House

Doors constructed from this material are great for enhancing the appearance and quality of the doors in your house.

Interior oak doors come in a range of types and styles, allowing you to customize and personalize your rooms and doorways as you’d like. This amount of selection will let you be more creative with designing the inside of any house and match a specific theme or style.

Oak wood is ideal for recreating the classic, countryside appearance for either a residence or business. As a strong, durable wood it is not only ideal for its appearance, but for its quality and performance. It should require less maintenance and should last longer than some alternative choices.

Oak Interior Doors

Contact us for all of your door needs or view our FAQs section. From contemporary to French doors, we have the widest selection of products available to match what you’re looking for. We also offer a number of door treatment options such as oils and waxes.