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External Door Locks & Latches

One of the key elements of any door is security or just for it to be shut and not open by itself. There are various types of door ironmongery to achieve this, front door locks and front door latches just being two!

In this category, you will find a complete range of external door locks and door latches to suit any style of a solid oak or engrained oak door.

Types Of External Locks

There are many different types of external door locks to choose from that cater to s type of external door or its use e.g home/ industrial/ commercial use doors. They can range from a single spring latch using a common pin tumbler lock key, a 5 lever sash lock using a lever lock key to specialised locks and keys for high security protection.

Choosing The Correct Door Lock

Depending on the type of external door you are using you will have various options depending on the construction of the door and the level of security you want. Here at UK Oak Doors all of our external doors are at minimum 44mm thick utilising different types of mortice and tenon joints for added strength and durability.

The standard types of external door locks and latches typical include a spring latch which is connected to a door handle or door knob and a either a lever lock or pin tumbler key. On these standard locks it rally comes down to the type of key that you want to use. The traditional lever lock key is typically a larger key but is also found in more decorative locks making it not just a key but also a ornamental item as well. The more modem locks use the flat pin tumbler key design which s smaller and lighter than the traditional lever lock key.

How Secure Are They?

For the typical home external door you would use one ore multiple locks to secure a door the basic of which would be a keyed sprung latch accompanied by a lever lock dead bolt, for external doors where you only want a single door key then you would use a multipoint lock system that can run up the full length of the door using a series of moving bolts.

All of the locks sold at UK Oak Doors are Key To Differ which means the key you get with the lock will only work for that lock and not another lock of the same design by the same manufacturer. If you require Keyed Alike locks these are available on request.

British Safety Kitemark

The security of a lock can't be determined visually, so physical assessments are carried out to evaluate the lock's security by rigorously testing wear and tear over time and replicating the most commonplace methods of compromising the lock.

The standards for locks are produced by the British Standards Institution (BSI). If a product has been certified by the British Standard Institute for meeting the required security standards, they will display the British Standard Kite Mark on the packaging and the product. Some insurance providers will insist that you have British Standard locks installed to be eligible for cover.