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Solid Oak Internal Door Lining Sets

At UK Oak Doors we endeavour to showcase a range of high quality products across our site ensuring our customers are fully aware of what’s needed and why. Whether it is choosing a new door for a bathroom or potentially which style of skirting for your kitchen is best, we’ll always strive to help throughout the entire purchasing process. This certainly extends to informing our customers about such products as our internal door lining sets.

Our internal door lining sets have been designed to suit our entire range of oak doors; our solid oak linings are identical to the standard oak linings with the exception that they have moveable door stoppers. This feature offers the option of fixing where the door stops, allowing you to modify the stopper to depth of the door.

If you have a single door opening we would recommend purchasing the Door Frame Lining Set Solid Oak as you will receive three pieces of the hand-picked timber pieces measuring at 2 x 2.1m & 1 x 1.1m pieces with a variation of five widths ensuring the most practical fit for your door.

Should you have a double door opening you should purchase our Door Frame Double Lining Set Solid Oak due to this set tailoring towards your needs. You’ll receive three pieces of the same high quality as our other set measuring at 3 x 2.1m pieces with different widths to choose from, the main difference here being the length of the top piece accommodating the full width of the double door opening.

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