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Oak French Doors

French doors are also known by the name of Pattern 10 Oak Doors. The majority of Pattern 10 wooden doors or oak French doors are made with either oak veneer or engineered oak, whereas the majority of our french doors are made of 100% solid oak.

We do stock a small range of engineered oak French doors but the Solid oak doors are far better placed to deal with wear and tear such as dog scratches, since there simply is no veneer to start peeling off. We offer a variety of products for either internal or external use.

Final finishing can be done with hardwax oils, we particularly recommend Treatex Hardwax oils for all our Oak Doors due to its high moisture content helping to prevent moisture transfer.

Solid Oak French Doors create a large entranceway for people to walk through. They are often used for rear entrances, creating a beautiful passageway into the outdoors and backyard of the home. French Interior Doors actually help to create a welcoming and gorgeous entranceway that people love for their aesthetic appeal. It is most common for Interior French Doors to have an element of glass in their design, typically lengthwise. Using a lot of glass can help create an open motif while still closing off the room.

What are French Doors?

Interior French doors get their name from originating in France in the creative 16th and 17th centuries. French interior designers discovered that window-like doors with glass panes offer features of illumination, proportion and regularity — characteristics reminiscent of the Renaissance period.

Internal oak French doors are patio-style doors with multiple glass panels in different designs. They can come in different opening styles, including inswing, outswing and sliding French doors.

Solid oak internal French doors offer plenty of aesthetic appeals, thanks to the presence of glass panels. These panels can come in a grid, vertical or horizontal patterns. A one panel internal French door and frame combination can make your space look bigger. If you want more natural light in the room, two panel doors that meet in the middle are ideal.

UK Oak Door is the leading provider of internal French doors in the UK. And regardless of your design needs, we offer various internal French configurations to meet them. We also stock oak internal doors and internal double doors for your UK home, if you want a different approach.

Traditional Uses for French Style Doors

Doors that have the French design to them are most commonly and traditionally used outside of a home to create an elegant entranceway. They are typically used on rear entrances but can be used on larger homes for a front entrance as well. Rear entrance doors with a French-style make for a beautiful transition to your backyard, making you feel more comfortable and adding appeal.

Installing internal French doors in your home opens the possibility of enjoying the following exciting benefits:

Expansive Access

Interior French doors have a solid reputation because of how beautiful they are. But they’re also super functional. By adding internal oak French doors to your home, you can open up your interior space on a whim.

The expansive access on offer can be quite useful. If you’re looking to move in large-size fixtures, French doors are ideal.

Or say you’re looking to host a party in your home. You can make entry and exit a seamless prospect for your guests by opening solid oak internal French doors to a wide angle. As far as access goes, we also deliver internal bifold doors that can really open up your space.


Because they are doors with glass panels, internal French doors and frame combinations offer great views. With glass panels in different styles, you can easily see out of the room. Or you can open the door widely, giving you an unhindered view outside the room.

Impressive Lighting

With the UK sun in full swing, internal French doors are the perfect installation to let the natural light into your home. You can also control how much lighting you get by tweaking the number of glass panels on your French doors.

French doors with two glass panels are great for medium and large interior rooms. For plenty of natural light and warm tones, you can go all the way with 4 panel or 6 panel configuration.

We also deliver internal doors with glass in varied styles for your benefit. Check out our collection today!


Many people have second thoughts about installing internal French doors in the UK because they think they’re less secure. But, interior French doors have hardened glass panels that are highly resilient.

Of course, you can connect internal oak French doors with hinge mechanisms for added security. You can also install security locks that are highly effective in keeping intruders out of your interior room.

Using French Doors in Your Home

Having a French style door inside your house can be an elegant entrance to a room and make for a beautiful passage. These entrances are also elevated by the doors as this adds an element of design and aesthetic appeal. On top of that, it’s practical in that you can close doors if you need to for privacy.

Interior doors with a French style often have glass built into them to add charm and style. Having glass in your doors also ensures that even when you close a door, the other areas of your house do not seem isolated.

Benefits of Having Doors with French Styling Inside

By leaving your doors ajar, you can create an area between rooms with no real barrier. This leaves the space free by letting one area join with the other places in your house. Many of these even have glass panels too, increasing the open concept style and design.

Even when you close some doors, this helps make the space feel larger and less closed off, while giving you the added benefits that come with being able to get more privacy.

Doors with glass panes will still give the feeling of having a lot of space and contribute to the open-concept feeling of the space. However, by being able to close off the room you can give yourself some isolation, solitude, and peace and quiet. This also helps prevent sound - both travelling in and out of the room. These doors make great additions to a recreation or entertainment area and let you keep sounds isolated to specific areas.

This style of the door provides gorgeous additions to a passageway and helps create a beautiful accent to your opening. They are just as much aesthetic as they are practical, adding elegance and sophistication to your home’s passageways. Ultimately, this type of door provides versatility, allowing you to do multiple things with your space.

Choosing The Best Looking Doors for Your Home 

Internal French doors are both aesthetically beautiful and add style to your entranceways. Although they look great and can add character to any living space, they are also very practical in terms of use.

Doors designed with a French flair give you the ability to create an open concept design that makes a room feel larger. At the same time, they allow you to close off the area and keep sounds out. This enables you to get privacy while ensuring that you can maintain privacy and quiet when you want to.

Before making your choice, check out our collection of oak veneer doors and internal barn doors for homeowners in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here’s what you need to know:

How Much Do French Interior Doors Cost?

French interior doors change so much from door to door, depending on the style and panel configurations.

What are Standard Interior French Door Sizes?

Standard interior French doors are between 30-75 inches per door. However, manufacturers can increase these sizes in 2-3 inch increments.

How Much Does it Cost to Fit Internal French Doors in the UK?

The average cost to fit internal French doors in the UK can vary so much depending on what size of door you go for. The precise amount depends on the service charges in your area.

Are French Doors Out of Style?

Internal French doors are currently top of interior decor trends in the UK and will remain trendy for a long time. The unique style elements of French doors will ensure their relevance.