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Solid Oak Mexicano Doors


Our Solid Oak Mexicano doors come in a variety of styles, creating unique entranceways into your home that will look incredible and draw people’s attention. These doors have vertical paneling with a wooden outline framing the door. Their design is simple, classic, and clean, working well to match other designs and fit your traditional style.

Here at UK Oak Doors, we provide a range of Mexicano Oak Doors. They are all made from the highest quality wood which was chosen for its gorgeous appearance and long-lasting strength. Please contact us for help ordering one of our Mexicano Oak Internal Doors, all of which come in a range of different types, styles, and features for doors.

Browse our range today to find our most popular options including glazed, fire and prefinished doors.

What is Oak Wood? 

Oak wood grows most commonly in the Northern Hemisphere, largely in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. There are over 600 different species of oak trees that can be deciduous or evergreen. Oak is a prime wood for building because of it’s high density and overall strength. It is also highly resistant to insects and fungus disease because of its high levels of tannin.

Choosing a Type of Door Made from Oak? 

Oak wood has been a traditional material used in building for centuries and comes in a wide range of types and styles. These styles can be delicately or drastically altered to achieve specific looks and feels. You are also able to get different grades of wood and cuts to suit various sized openings. 

As a wood traditionally used in building, oak is suited wonderfully for the cottage, Suffolk, or other traditionally styled doors.

Oak wood can also incorporate glass to create a more sophisticated and intricate design. Combining oak and glass creates a unique appearance and can allow you to customize your door to suit your particular style. You can use this creativity to accent or highlight specific areas, characteristics, and features of your home.

What are Glazed Oak Doors? 

Glazed doors have panes of glass or paneling along the top or bottom rails of the door. This is used to create a unique and customized look that will give your passageways more character. This can allow you to create a more personalized look for either your home or business, making a great addition no matter what the purpose. We supply both glazed and unglazed doors, depending on your preferences. Have you been searching for the perfect Mexicano oak glazed doors to achieve a luxury look and feel to your home? You will find an exceptional selection of doors with elegant features and designs to attain your desired appearance in our range.

The Importance of Fire Rated Doors 

Fire-rated doors are designed to add safety for both fire and smoke situations. They are sometimes required based on building control regulations and are made to resist both smoke and fire in the event of an emergency. In most cases, external doors are fire-rated, such as garage doors. This is to help isolate fires where they are and control the threat.

You can also get some internal doors with fire-resistant capabilities to help isolate fires within the home. Almost any door type can come in a fire-rated option to provide more protection against fire and smoke. If you are looking to purchase a fire rated door, we recommend taking a peek at our gorgeous Mexicano fire doors. Alongside their excellent fire retardant features these doors do not compromise appearance, with beautiful features to complement the design of your home.

Benefits of Oak Doors 

Oak wood evokes a classic, countryside feeling and appearance that reminds us of an English heritage. It helps build and maintain the theme and style of the home both inside and out, allowing you to match your interior and exterior areas to create a unique feel.

Oak is also an excellent wood for building, as it is hard, strong, and durable. It will last long and maintain its quality while offering greater protection against intrusion and fire emergencies because of its high performance.

Picking an Oak Door for Your House 

Oak Doors are most commonly used for exterior entranceways, but they can also be used for interior doors. This can help let you create a more unique and intricate design, as well as match your interior and exterior doorways with each other. This can boost your interior and exterior appearance and help create a theme throughout your entire home.

Mexicano doors come in a variety of different styles that will let you match them to your interior or exterior style. They can be used to boost various characteristics or features of the home, helping you suit a particular period and create a certain appearance.

Oakwood has a traditional appearance that is ideal for recreating a classic, countryside look and feel for your home or business. Not only is oak chosen for its appearance, but also due to the fact that it’s a durable and sturdy material. It will last long, perform well, and should require little maintenance to keep in good condition.

If you are looking for a door that has traditional features with a contemporary appearance, we recommend browsing our beautiful prefinished Mexicano oak doors range. Suiting both modern and older homes, the lovely grain finishes and stylish grooves on these doors are ideal for all design schemes.

Please contact us for any of your door needs. From contemporary to French doors, we have the widest selection of products available for oak doors. We also feature various door treatment options including oils and waxes.

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