Fire Hinges
Fire Hinges

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  1. 4" FD30 Rated Butt Hinge - Satin Stainless Steel
    4" FD30 Rated Butt Hinge - Satin Stainless Steel
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Fire Door Hinges

A fire door must be installed to specification in order for it to perform effectively. Three fire door hinges must be fitted to every door to ensure they maintain their certification and fire resistance.

While it may seem as though your choice of hinges may not have much of an impact on the final installation of a fire door – in fact, it is absolutely critical. Without correct fire door hinges the door itself won’t function correctly, which means you won’t have the protection you expect.

Our hinges come in chrome, nickel, brass, bronze and stainless steel finishes. We recommend our brass fire door hinges to complement both modern and older homes to add a classic look and feel to your oak door.

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