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Stable Doors

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Oak Stable Doors

The perfect addition to many homes. No longer the exclusive preserve of the country cottage, stable doors have found their way into all kinds of homes up and down the country.

All of our wooden stable doors are incredibly sturdy, boasting a thickness of 44mm and crafted from 100% solid oak. Plus you can also rest assured that we only use American white oak from sustainable sources. Traditional methods of construction are used in the creation of these stable doors with mortice and tenon joints in all corners.

Choose from a variety of styles depending on personal taste and the amount of light you'd like to allow in to your home.

Our range of external doors are made from solid oak, however we do not recommend that any door of any construction is used in exposed areas i.e. direct rain or hot sun, therefore we recommend use in sheltered areas with a porch or canopy.

Please follow these treatment and maintenance instructions to preserve the beauty and strength of the wood.