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Ledge and Brace Doors
Ledge and Brace Doors

Ledge and Brace Doors

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  1. Ledge And Brace Solid Oak Door
    Solid Oak Ledge And Brace Door
    In stock - Dispatch In 2 Working days
  2. Solid Oak Rustic Ledge And Brace Door
    Solid Oak Rustic Ledge And Brace Door
    £163.96 Regular Price £204.95
    In stock - Dispatch In 2 Working days
  3. Ledge With Optional Braces Solid Oak Door - Cottage Door
    Solid Oak Ledge With Optional Braces Door
    £193.46 Regular Price £214.95
    In stock - Dispatch In 2 Working days
  4. Solid Oak Ledge & Braced Rustic Bead & Butt  Door
    Solid Oak Ledge and Braced Rustic Bead and Butt Door
    In stock - Est. dispatch after 29th May
  5. Solid Oak Ledge & Braced Rustic V-Groove Door
    Solid Oak Ledge and Braced Rustic V-Groove Door
    In stock - Est. dispatch after 29th May

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Ledge & Brace Doors

Want to create a rustic feel to your house? Renovating a period property? You need ledge and brace doors; they’ll transform even an urban flat into a home brimming with country charm. Our range of ledged and braced doors are all made from natural grade European oak for an authentic rustic look. And, you’ll benefit from longer lasting doors when you choose solid oak over veneers.

Affordable Traditional Doors

Creating your own rural retreat may seem like an expensive dream, but our doors are all affordable. You’re likely to pay less compared to buying in store, without sacrificing on quality. Our ledged and braced doors all use tongue and groove construction, giving you a durable door that won’t buckle if slammed. And the bead and butt profile used prevents warping, so your door will look great for years.

Quality Internal Ledge And Brace Doors

Our oak doors can be easily customised for your own unique look. Our braced doors come in standard widths of 2’3” (686mm), 2’6” (762mm) and 3’ (914mm), all 6’6” (1981mm) high and 1.73” (44mm) thick. And you can easily trim them to fit your home as they are solid oak.

Like the Ledge and Brace style, but not sure it's what you are looking for? We also stock similar styles of traditional doors like the classic Barn door or the Suffolk frame and ledge doors.

And, there are further chances to personalise your ledge and brace doors, in your choice of treatments and accessories. We supply our doors unfinished, so you can choose the perfect oil or wax treatment to complement your style.

You can choose between door knobs, handles or ironmongery, and even specify the hinge type you want. When you buy from us, you have the benefit of choosing from our full range of complementary products, to create a look that’s just for you.

Oak Ledge and brace doors are often framed, ledged and braced, but can have one or two elements alone. They are built of various vertical panels that are joined at their lengthwise edges. Ledge and Brace Internal Doors are then strengthened using horizontal ledges, frames, and braces. This is actually where they get their name.

Solid oak ledge and brace doors flaunt a wealth of character with the natural wooden grains and suit a variety of styles perfectly. Check out our full range today.

Oak Trees

Oak wood grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere, most commonly in areas such as North America, Europe, and Asia. There are more than 600 species of oak trees that can be deciduous or evergreen. Oak makes a great building material because it has a high density, making it a hard, strong, and long-lasting wood that will hold up to wear and tear. It also naturally resists insects and fungus diseases because it contains high levels of tannin.

Solid Oak Wood

Solid oak wood’s classic style and design makes it a wonderful material to use for ledge and brace doors. It’s traditional style and natural material evoke the cottage or rural setting and make it an ideal wood for retaining quality and appearance for years to come.

Solid oak ledge and brace doors would ideally suit the style of cottage, Victorian, or period doors. They fit the traditional period with their natural wood grain for recreating this classic style and appearance.

Unfinished or Prefinished Doors

At UK Oak Doors, our doors come unfinished so that you can finish them exactly the way you would like. Be sure to finish them in order to add protection and make the material last longer and retain its condition. The great thing about an unfinished product is that you still have the freedom to finish them to suit your home and decor. Consider using a wax or oil as your finish to keep a more natural appearance while still protecting it from the weather and use.

Purchasing a door that is unfinished for your ledge and brace door can also give you more freedom to create a unique look. On top of that, it gives you an exciting thing to do and gets you more involved in the process. Once completed, you’ll be able to feel a sense of pride about what you’ve contributed to the final product.

Fire-Resistant Doors

Fire rated doors are the best way to ensure that you get the proper protection against fire and smoke emergencies. These can help isolate areas that are affected in order to protect both people and property. By isolating a room, you can protect your belongings and potentially give people more time to escape in a serious situation. Many types and styles of doors can come in fire rated options to provide the best protection possible.

Benefits of Ledge and Brace Doors

One of the biggest advantages of ledge and brace doors is that they are sturdy, secure, and offer a lot of support. They should be extremely durable and built to last. Their natural wood grain is ideally suited to fit the countryside look and solid oak construction ensures the best materials are used when building.

Ledge and brace doors are not only made of high-quality material and designed to offer good performance, but also make for a beautiful and classic appearance for a variety of styles. These doors offer a rustic, traditional look that evokes that of the English countryside and a pastoral setting. They allow you to mimic this look on both the exterior or interior of your home or business, allowing you to create the appearance and decor you want.

Ledge and brace doors can be used to draw attention to various period specific features of a home. These doors can let you emphasize these characteristics and help bring them out and highlight them for your guests or customers. By ensuring your doors match the quality and character of the building, you can maintain a clear style and design that your guests will love!

Selecting Ledge and Brace Doors

When choosing your ledge and brace door, you will usually want to stick to a wood with a naturally beautiful looking grain. You can choose from a range of finishes to get the style of look that you’d like, being more conservative or creative depending on how traditional you want the door to appear. No matter what you choose, you can get a great ledge and brace door that is appealing to your guests! We recommend browsing our gorgeous selection of framed ledged and braced doors for a stunning cottage look that will make your home stand out.

If you’re looking to get ledge and brace doors or a kit to create them yourself, you can contact us at UK Oak Doors today!