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Add More to Your Doors with an Oak Architrave

An oak architrave is designed to encase the frame of your doorways. It’s an architectural feature that has a storied culture through Ancient Greek architecture. Even today, an European oak architrave has a lintel and post design that mirrors the style used in Ancient Greek temples.

When you buy an oak architrave in the UK, it’s likely you want to add a classical touch to your decor.  A staple of buildings designed in the 18th and 19th centuries, a solid oak architrave is a durable feature with a combination of symmetry, beauty and harmony.

In Ancient Greek, the architraves used around doorways were majorly constructed from stone. Furthermore, they were mostly used outdoors. Thanks to innovations in carpentry and woodwork, we can now design an architrave out of oak veneer or solid oak. This is why they have become popular in homes and office buildings across the UK.

Here at UK Oak Doors, when you buy any of our architraves, you’re getting the highest quality of aesthetics and functionality. We build our architraves using the best solid oak wood planks. Hence, you can expect to enjoy the highest level of durability.

You can also use an architrave to cover up flaws like uneven walls, imperfect finishing and cracked wallpaper. At UK Oak Doors, we offer a collection of architraves to fit all of your design and functionality needs. 

Shop our oak architrave designs today. 

Oak Architrave 4 Profiles

Our Solid Oak Architrave is made exclusively with solid oak and will match perfectly for colour and wood grade with our oak doors. The available mouldings suit both contemporary and country style properties. The architrave is available in single and double sets in four profiles: Ogee, Torus, Chamfer and Bullnose.

All of our Oak Architrave is currently supplied unfinished ready to be oiled or stained. This enables you to match them with your doors and other furnishings. The architrave is manufactured using the same European oak as our doors. Our range of oak architraves along with our skirtings and lining sets are reproduced from carefully selected period mouldings to ensure they will fit in with the design of your house.

Architrave is currently sold in single and double sets. A single set contains 2 x 2.1m and 1 x 1m lengths, a double set contains 3 x 2.1 metre lengths. This is enough to complete the architrave on one side of the opening. We sell it this way as both sides are not always required (e.g for a wardrobe, cupboard, pantry or under the stairs). If you need an architrave on both sides of your door then you will need to order 2 packs of architrave.

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