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Our Oak Skirting is made using 100% solid oak and manufactured to high-quality standards. They offer strong protection from scratches and skids on the base of your wall, while also enhancing your walls appearance. It will let you match a style throughout your home and even create a unique look by accenting your home’s characteristics.

In order to provide a range of styles of Solid Oak Skirting Boards, we feature four different skirting profiles: Bullnose, Ogee, Torus, and Chamfer. These can be matched to the same style of the architrave or used to enhance characteristics of your home, such as period features. For all of your oak skirting needs, contact UK Oak Doors today!

Purchase the Right Amount of Torus Skirting

To make it easy to work with, our oak skirting boards are shipped in 3 metre lengths. When ordering, you need to order a number that is divisible by 3 for us to supply it properly. When buying skirting boards, it is usually smart to buy about 10% more than you think you’ll need for the job. This will give you enough that you can still complete the job if you make mistakes or miscuts.

Ordering Information

Our oak skirting prices are by linear metre, include VAT, and alter based on the height of the skirting you want. The 95 mm height is £8.65, the 125 mm height is £8.98, the 140 mm height is £10.65, and the 170 mm height is £12.32.


When you install oak skirting boards, you will need to cut the corners at angles which allow for them to join properly. After being cut and mitred, set them up where you think you want them and align them how you wish without fixing them to the wall.

Once you’ve decided on where you want them to be placed and you have leveled them properly, use an adhesive to stick the boards to the wall. Secure the boards to the wall using lost-head nails. Hammer them into wall studs and drill pilot holes if necessary. When finishing an external corner, make sure you glue the two pieces where they will meet.

Storage & Care

Wood will naturally deteriorate over time and requires proper care when stored to maintain its shape and appearance. There are two important things to do when storing wood; lay it flat and keep it in a dry area. Water or moisture can misshape the wood, causing it to be useless for building applications. If you can leave it in the packaging it comes in, this can help add a layer of protection for your wood as well.

Finished and Unfinished Wood

Our oak skirting can come prefinished or unfinished. You can create a unique finish by sanding, polishing, and colouring your oak skirting products yourself exactly the way you’d like. We recommend sealing the wood to protect it from damage and extend its life. This will also validate your warranty with us. Consider using hardwax oils like Treatex or Osmo Oils to treat it.

Oil applications today are easy to apply and will provide long-lasting protection from wear and tear. They apply easy and dry fast so that the process is simple and manageable. In many cases, there is minimal maintenance required. Some scratches may occur, but you will easily be able to fix this by applying a coating over this area again. Keeping up on your skirting and recoating it when necessary will ensure that your skirting lasts long.

Choosing Oak Skirting Boards for Your Home

No matter what style you want, we have oak skirting boards for you at UK Oak Doors. We carry four different styles: Ogee, Chamfer, Bullnose, and Torus. If you’re looking to place an order, please contact us at UK Oak Doors today!

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