The Best Draught Excluder for Front Doors in 2022

The BEST Draught Excluder For Front Doors - Get Yours Now!

First of all... what is a draught excluder?

A front door draught excluder is a tiny strip that sits around the edge of your external front door to prevent daughts, water and little bugs getting into your home. It is an essential detail for front doors, ensuring you don't have a cold breeze flowing through the house. In turn, this product could even help reduce your energy bills, something we know is super important to everyone at the moment!

With energy prices continuing to rise, everyone is feeling the pinch. This means that we're all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient, bringing down our monthly spend. Keeping heat inside the home is one of the most effective ways of doing this, because losing heat means that your heating system just has to work even harder! Windows, chimneys, patio doors and front doors are all prime areas for the heat to escape. And if it can escape, then it can let a cold breeze in too, which can be very disheartening when your heating is turned all the way up!

Another reason to draft-proof your home is for the health benefits. When you have a draft going through the home, it can cause conditions such as asthma and other respiritory conditions to flare up. These conditions put children, the eldery and those with respiritory disabilities at greater risk of viruses, such as Covid-19 and Flu.

At UK Oak Doors, we want to give you the tools to save money and stay healthy, so keep reading to find out what draught excluding essentials we can offer!

Elegant house with solid oak external door

What products do I need to keep draughts out?

The best draught excluder for front doors is the Aquamac 21 Door Seal. Fitting this product to your front door is a cost effective way to increase the warmth in your home and provide much needed respite from draughts!

Best Draught Excluder For Front Doors

Aquamac 21 Door Seal

This seal can be applied to most external doors and is incredibly easy to fit. This door seal will fill any gaps between your door and the door frame. Our seal is supplied in 6.5m, lengths and finishes in a tasteful bronze colour, so you are sure to be able to fit this draught excluder to any size external door.

Simply trim the draught excluder to your desired length and it is ready to fit!


If you are buying a brand new solid oak front door, we recommend selecting our high quality solid oak external door frame with aquamac seal included. This provides a 2-in-1 solution to fitting your new external solid oak door and blocking out draughts. This external door frame will provide protection, style and a softer close for your door.

Best Draught Excluder For Front Doors

Solid Oak External Door Frame

The external door frame is designed by experts in front door design. It is also made from environmentally friendly sustainable solid oak, so you can be sure you are getting a high quality product that features the best draught excluder for front doors!. The frame is presanded and ready to be finished with our fantastic external wood treatments, which are available in different finishes, including clear matt.

This external door frame is suitable for external doors up to a height of 2032mm and a width of 880mm and can be trimmed to size. Our external door frame does NOT include the weather bar, but this can be purchased separately as a fantastic way of deflecting rainfall, preventing damage to your front door and keeping water out of your home.

If your external door measurements exceed this size listed above, you could check out our double external door frame, again, including aquamac door seal. The double door frame is also made from solid oak and is suitable for doors up to 2060mm high, 2000mm wide and 50mm deep. Perfect for extra wide doorways!


Final Thoughts..

The best draught excluder for front doors is the Aquamac 21 door seal, which is the most commonly seen product on the market, more than likely because it performs so well! Take a look a Home Serve's advice page about why you should draught proof your home.