All About Door Linings

To help ensure the neatest and most professional finish UK Oak Doors supply everything you need to accompany your new door. Not only do we have a wide range of fixtures and fittings finished in traditional ironmongery or designer styles, but we also supply the oak frames and door linings.

Door Frame vs Door Lining

We are often asked, “What's the difference between a door frame and a door lining?”. Well, quite simply a door frame is for external doors, and door linings are for interior doors. Purchasing a door lining flat pack for an internal doorway means the three pieces (two uprights and one overhead piece) can be trimmed down to fit the existing doorway. UK Oak Doors supplies them in standard sizes (2 x 2.1m uprights and 1 x 1.1m overhead) meaning there is plenty of room for you to cut to size perfectly and ensure a tight fit. Also included in the kit are three additional 'door stopper' pieces for you to position accordingly.

Door linings from UK Oak Doors are made from the most beautiful European oak and kiln dried for the best possible protection against warping once accompanied by something like Treatex Hardwax Oils.

Treatex Hardwax Oil

A significant advantage to our door linings are the movable door stoppers. The door stoppers are the pieces of wood usually near the centre of the linings that meet the door when it is closed. By having movable door stoppers, you can adjust the depth to which the door shuts inside the doorway. This flexibility can be a real advantage in some builds.

Why Buy from UK Oak Doors?

Another reason to buy door linings from UK Oak Doors is to guarantee a matching finish with the new door. The linings are supplied unfinished allowing you a choice of finishes, in the same way that our internal doors are supplied sanded down. This is an excellent way for you to match everything with the same finish.

While it may seem worthwhile to sand down an old door frame, the finished look will never be as perfectly twinned as a door and linings from the same supplier using the same wood supply. UK Oak Doors sell traditional doors like the 'Victorian 6 Panel' and designer doors like the 'Contemporary Door' in solid oak with substantial savings against other suppliers. This means you can afford to get your doors and linings from the same supplier without having to sacrifice quality.

If you have any questions about door linings or any of our other products, then give UK Oak Doors a call today on 01455 501612 where one of our helpful sales team will be happy to help. Or better yet, why not visit our showroom to take a look at all of our products in person.

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