Wallpaper Calculator

Here at UK Oak Doors, we are always looking for ways to simplify the complex tasks associated with home improvements and decorating. And when we find something useful we like to pass it on!

So here is the latest in our growing line of home improvement resources, an easy to use wallpaper calculator.

Wallpaper is expensive stuff so “guestimating” how much you are going to need for a project is not something we’d recommend. Follow our instructions below and make sure you buy enough rolls to do the job without extra visits to the DIY store!

Directions: Just type the dimensions of your room’s features into the un-shaded squares (if you only have one door or window set the dimensions of the second one to zero). Input the size of the roll and hit the calculate button, happy wallpapering!


If you’d like to use our wallpaper calculator on your blog or website, please feel free to copy and paste the code below on to your page:

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