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Top 5 Door Styles For 2020

As the new year is well underway it is only right that we talk about the best door styles for 2020. We see internal doors as an important aspect to your interior design, so picking out the right style to suit your property is vital to how your home appears. However, doors do not just offer design upgrades, with great practical benefits to many interior doors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect doors for your home. In this article, we will talk you through our top 5 door styles for 2020. From Mexicano styles to barn doors, see what door styles are tipped to be the most popular this year.

Popular Contemporary Door Styles

Mexicano Doors

Mexicano doors have been highly regarded in previous years with this set to continue due to their clean and classic design, which complements both modern and older properties. Offering the ideal combination of traditional and contemporary, Mexicano internal doors add an authentic and stylish feel to any home. Mexicano style doors feature simplistic lines within a natural wood grain finish to pair perfectly with any interior design. You will find Mexicano doors in various design types including veneer, glazed, panel and fire doors, so you can find the most suitable style for your property. Whether you are looking to retain a natural finish or add colour to your door, Mexicano doors will add a fashionable element to your home.

Mexicano modern veneer oak door

Shaker Doors

The shaker door is another internal door style that is predicted to grow in popularity this year. As a distinctive style with modern aspects, shaker doors are a favourite on the market today. Ideal for both modern and traditional homes, shaker style doors can add a bit of character to any property. Shaker designs feature clean lines on a wood grain finish. So, whether the natural look appeals to you or you are looking to finish your door with some colour, shaker doors will add more style to your interior design.

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors have remained a popular choice amongst homeowners, due to their great visual appeal that can modernise the look of any room. As well as providing a modern appearance, glazed doors also have the great benefit of allowing natural light to shine through in our homes. This makes our rooms look brighter and larger in size, while also putting less reliance on the use of lights to reduce your energy bill. Glazed doors are available in a wide variety of designs, so whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary style, you can find a glazed internal door to match your property.

Solid oak 4 ledge barn door

Barn Doors

Barn doors have become a popular feature in interior design in recent years. If you are trying to create the perfect traditional look you can do this with barn doors as they are a great focal point in any room. As well as their visual appeal, these doors are also brilliant for maximising the space in your home. So, if you have tight spaces or small rooms in your home, internal barn doors will be ideal for your property. You can find barn cottage doors in many different designs from stylish bi-fold doors to 3 ledge glazed doors, so you can pick out a style to complement the décor in your home.

Panel Doors

Panel doors have remained very popular over a long time period. In the last 12 months, panelled doors have been one of the most prominent door trends, as they have the versatility to look great in both contemporary and traditional properties. Boasting a distinctive look, panel oak doors offer a simplistic style that is effective in increasing the appeal of your interior design. When it comes to panel doors there are many different design options, from 2 panels up to 5-panel doors or glazed and unglazed versions that can improve the appearance of your home. The most popular option is 4-panel doors, as they have the appearance to look the part in any room.

5 Panel shaker style oak door

So, now we have talked you through the best door styles for 2020, it is over to you to find the perfect internal doors for your property. It can be overwhelming trying to find interior doors for your home, however, here at UK Oak Doors, we are here to help you every step of the way. Find your new interior doors now by browsing our outstanding internal doors collection.