Solid Oak Doors: Not Just For Cottages!

Yes, solid oak doors look great in country cottages & yes they also look great in barn conversions. Of course. This goes without saying. However, solid oak doors can also add the most amazing finishing touches to modern houses and contemporary living spaces everywhere!

Solid Oak Doors - Mexicano

Mexicano Door

Ok... so maybe a ledge and brace door would look slightly out of place in an urban city flat but why not consider the Mexicano range; a lot of our customers have, resulting in some very happy people out there. This contemporary door is not 'over the top'; it is subtle, elegant and incredibly stylish. Not to mention the sturdiness and durability of its construction. 100% solid oak (no veneers here thank you) and handmade to an extremely high standard - the Mexicano doors will last beyond a lifetime.

At first glance they are similar in appearance to the Suffolk door range but whereas the Suffolk doors have a frame on the back, the Mexicano solid oak doors are the same on both sides. The true beauty of the oak really shines on the contemporary Mexicano door range. They are supplied sanded but unfinished so you can choose what finish to use that will best match and complement whatever may already be in your home.

Corsica designer door lever

Corsica Door Lever

For the perfect modern finish, this door looks great paired with one of the range of designer door levers. There are over 15 to choose from - all sleek, stylish and a great way of adding the perfect finishing touch to contemporary solid oak doors.

Another popular option for the more modern abode is the range of Panel doors. Choose from a 4 panel or 6 panel style and choose between a regular or half glazed option. Even choose from flat panel or raised with beading. Half glazed can be a great way of adding light to a property, if required, allowing light to flow between rooms. Put your individual stamp on these doors by selecting your own style of glass - clear/opaque/patterned/leaded - you can really go to town!

4 panel solid oak door

4 Panel Solid Oak Door

The solid oak Victorian 4 panel door is a very popular choice. In modern houses, traditional terrace houses, contemporary apartments and most other abodes we find (and are told) that these solid oak panel doors work really well. They also lend themselves well to different types of finishes and different styles of door furniture.

These panel doors are all 100% solid oak doors. They will last for an incredible amount of time. The panels are easily removable so if you fancy another change a bit further down the line you could easily transform them into a half glazed or even put glazing into all four panels for a dramatically different look again.

There are mortice and tenon joints in all corners. The construction of these doors means that they are incredibly strong and once treated will require very little maintenance. These solid oak doors look beautiful when combined with character grade Oak flooring - you can combine traditional and modern to really great effect. We always recommend finishing with Treatex clear matt oil, which will work just as well on your solid oak flooring as your solid oak doors.

Whether it's a new home or a renovation project, remember the importance of the doors and the drastic improvement that can be made by making this simple change. Be the envy of your friends and family with some truly beautiful  solid oak doors & whilst it is unquestionable that solid oak doors do look great in country cottages, don't ever be fooled into thinking that this is the only place where they belong!

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