How To Fit Door Knobs

The right door knob or handle is the final touch for any door. Once you've decidied on your choice of door knobs or handles, it is worth spending a bit of time ensuring that you fit the door knobs correctly.

It's fair to say we are spoilt for choice from the array of door furniture available. Door furniture enhances and individualises a door. From the many designs and various colours and finishes available, it's a matter of personal taste when deciding on what to buy. Considering the overall look you are trying to achieve and factoring in the age of the property may help in deciding.period door knobs

Choosing The Right Door Furniture

Look around your room and see what colour or finish the light switches and fittings are - it's nice if the door furniture colour matches these - but again it's personal preference. Changing door handles is a good way to update old or tired looking doors or kitchen cabinets without changing the complete room. There are many online companies selling unique door knobs. Uk Oak Doors offer a wide range of handmade door furniture, many unique pieces made using traditional methods that will complement your doors beautifully. Once you have decided on the knobs or handles, fitting them can be fairly easy, and can usually be done in about an hour. You may also want to consider changing the hinges to match the door knob.

Bits you will need...                            

  • Power drill
  • Spade drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Hole saw - Drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • 1 inch chisel
  • Screws
  • Handle/Knob
  • Door locks
  • Pencil
  • Dust sheet

Fitting the Door Knobs

1 - Drill a hole in the narrow edge of the door - at the height you want the door knob to be placed. This hole will be for the latch that keeps the door closed.

2 - Position and hold the latch plate over the hole in the door. You should be able to see the hole through the latch plate when lined up.

3 - Draw around the shape of the plate using a pencil on to the door.

4 - Once you have traced the shape remove the latch plate, then using a hammer and chisel remove the wood within the marked area - making sure it is as deep as the latch plate's thickness. The Plate should fit flush with the edge of the door once complete.

5 - Use a hole saw drill bit to drill a hole through the door where the door knob will be placed - drill right though to the other side. 

6 - Reposition the latch plate and mark the two screw holes with a pencil. Drill small holes and insert the latch and then screw in the latch plate.

7 - Door knobs come in two halves and are joined usually together by two long screws. Insert the door knobs into either side of the door making sure you line up the screw holes and the centre locking mechanism latch, which should fit into the door handle on the inside.

8 - Finally install the striker plate on the door frame. Line up the latch where the door will close and lock. Trace the striker plate using a pencil and chisel out the wood on the door frame. Use a drill to make a hole in the middle where the latch will go in to. Screw in the striker plate then open and close the door to see everything works as it should.

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