Horrible Halloween Doors

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to decorate your external door or internal door to scare away any unwanted visitors. Whether you have a modern door or traditional door, there are plenty of different ways to create Halloween doors give your home a wonderfully wicked appearance.

We’ve been searching Pinterest to find some of our favourite Halloween door finishes and you can find some of the best below. Hopefully these will provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need this Halloween but if you’ve done something completely different, we’d love to see it!

The Witch

Witch Door

With a bit of creativity (and an old broom and pair of boots) why not turn your internal door into a witches’ crash scene like the fantastic example shown above. Based on a Victorian 4 Panel Internal door this 3D finish will really stand out and catch the eye of visitors.

Scary Skeletons

Scary Skeleton Door

Why not terrify your children with this boarded up skeleton door. Wood effect card and reaching skeleton hands create a pretty terrifying finish for this Victorian 4 Panel door. A pair of eery eyes provide the finishing touch to this masterpiece.

Horrible Hands

Horrible Hands Door

This one would scare even the most resilient. If you’re unfortunate enough to not see these grabbing hands from a distance, you’re in for the fright of your life once up close and personal. Again modeled on a Victorian 4 Panel internal door, these realistic looking hands are pretty horrific!

Zombie Apocalypse Door

Zombie Apocalypse Door

The zombie apocalypse door is one of our favourites. Maybe it’s a result of watching too much The Walking Dead but we’d definitely think twice about getting too close to this frightening threshold. Some scrap wood, old clothes and a moody mask are all you’ll need to recreate this idea.

The Traditional

Traditional Door

Okay so it might not be the scariest door on our list but we love this traditionally styled Halloween house. The gloomy Autumn light really sets off the bright orange pumpkins. This quirky look is quick and easy to achieve but shows you’re well and truly in the Halloween spirit.

The Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Door

These white doors are perfect for turning into an oversized Jack Skellington. Any white external door can quickly and easily be turned into the fan favourite Nightmare Before Christmas character which some black paper cut outs to create a truly fantastic finished item. We absolutely love this idea!

The Freaky Funhouse

Freaky Funhouse Door

It might take slightly more work but this Funhouse External Door is well worth the additional effort. Terrific and terrifying at the same time, you’re likely to become famous in your local area and attract a significant amount of attention with this idea! Why not go all out and make your front door truly fantastic and frightening.

With less than two weeks until Halloween, why not get started this weekend? We'd love to see your efforts. Why not share them with us on our Facebook page?


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