An Introduction to UK Oak Doors Designer Door Levers

Naples, Gibraltar, Corsica... Dream holiday for Shirley Valentine?

The Corsica Door Lever

Yes they do sound like a nice place to spend the summer but these are just some of the names for designer door levers at UK Oak Doors. Whilst we’re big fans of the traditional style handles like Suffolk Latches some of us at UK Oak Doors have more contemporary homes with accompanying door levers so we can speak from experience about our designer range.

Whilst traditional ledge and brace doors are often purchased with a Suffolk latch, modern style doors allow a great deal more freedom for the interior designer to choose the handles they specifically want. It’s very much a case of personal taste rather than conforming to a certain antique style in a rustic home. Not having the style of lever predetermined by the choice of door means there is a lot more room for personal expression and there are 17 different styles to choose from. Just because these are designer door levers it doesn't mean they are all as modern as an iPod as some such as the Colchester and Durham have a distinctly classic look and feel.

Lever construction

The door levers in the designer range are all expertly engineered so a robust and hard wearing mechanism is well hidden behind the attractive exterior. Of course the handles and casing are built to last but too often levers available though other suppliers display a solid looking exterior but hide issues within the body. This means the spindles and levers work loose over time making the handles and the doors they’re attached to seem cheap.

It’s not how you start it’s how you finish...

The 17 door levers in the designer range are available in a wide range of distinguished finishes. Let's go through each of the finishes with some examples from the range.

The Naples Door Lever

The Satin Nickel finish has a brushed effect which requires very little cleaning to keep looking new. The more shiny finishes will tend to dull if not kept clean though none of UK Oak Doors levers require excessive cleaning by any means. A good example of the Satin Nickel finish is the Naples door lever.

The Cambridge Door Lever

The Matt Antique Brass finish it a very classic look that retains a reflective sheen but still has a reduced shine to it. A fine example of this finish can be seen on the popular Cambridge door lever.

The Ancon Door Lever

The Chrome Plate finish is the most reflective finish available. Whilst it may not look shiny if grubby hands have been on it the chrome plate finish does mean that it is the easiest to clean. Some brushed levers or pitted effect levers are harder to clean but the chrome plating makes wiping off chocolate or mud or both as easy as possible. A good example of the chrome plate finish is seen on the Ancon.

The Colchester Lever

The Distressed Silver effect is a technique used to add some age to the lever whilst still retaining modern built quality and reliability. This finish is seen on the Colchester lever, one which perfectly displays a desirable blend of classic finish and contemporary lever moulding.

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