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10 Home Renovation Ideas – Enhancing Your Home

We all want our homes to look attractive and have great appeal, so we have to update and renovate our properties to continue to achieve our desired look. Home renovation can be very expensive if you are looking to make major changes like extensions or redoing your kitchen. However, there are many minor changes that will make a big difference to your home, at a much lower cost. In this article, we will provide you with fresh home renovation ideas to enhance the design of your property. So, whether you have a large or small budget you should try these ideas to see how they could transform your home.

Home with external oak door

Update your flooring

Updating your flooring can enhance your home greatly, however it can be a daunting task to complete. When upgrading your floor, you have many different types of flooring to choose from, so it is important to find the ideal material to best complement the features of your home. Once you have found the perfect floor, the next decision you will be left with is whether you are going to fit the floor yourself or hire a professional to do it. Hiring a professional will be less time consuming although it will come at a higher cost. So, if you are a DIY guru you might want to give it a go yourself, if not you are guaranteed a great job if it is carried out by a professional. Replacing your floors will work wonders to your home and add a great new feel, even though this is one of the more expensive home renovation ideas.

Purchase a new external door or provide a new finish to your current front door

Your front door is one of the first elements of your home that people will see. An attractive external door will increase your kerb appeal. For improving the exterior appearance of your home when it comes to front doors you have two options. You can purchase a brand new external door for a fresh update or apply a new finish to your current door. Purchasing a new door will come at more of an expense, however, it will give your home a brand new look. Whereas updating the finish on your current external door will be much cheaper and less time consuming, so if you are on a budget this will be ideal for you. So, no matter how big or small your budget it is, you can refresh your front door today to enhance the appearance of your property.

External Suffolk Diamond Solid Oak Door

Give your rooms a fresh coat of paint

You may see painting rooms as a simple task, however, a fresh coat of paint can take the appearance of your home to a new level. Whether you are painting full walls or just touching up trims or fixtures, applying a new coat of paint can turn any room from drab to fab. This is a cheap option to bring your home to life. You can save even more on this home renovation idea by applying the paint yourself, or if you’re not feeling up to the task you can hire painters and decorators at a higher expense. Brighten your room with beautiful blue shades or add elements of calmness with cool clays and corals. When painting rooms your options are endless when it comes to colours, so you can pick the perfect colour to suit your interior design.

Replace outdated lighting

Poorly lit rooms can look small, dark and cramped so if you have not replaced your outdated lighting this change could work wonders for your property. When rooms are brightly lit, they appear more open and welcoming. You can do this easily by purchasing table lamps and floor lights to make those dark corners come to life. For those that are more adventurous try replacing your old lighting fixtures with modern updates, to improve your lighting and room aesthetics. If you are handy, replacing ceiling fixtures is not too complicated, but if needed you can hire an electrician to complete the job for you. Upgrade the lighting in your property now to make your room more alive again.

Organise and rearrange your living room

Another one of the most simple home renovation ideas that you can carry out is organising or rearranging your living room. An organised living room will not only make your home look clean and more presentable, but it will also result in the room looking bigger. Rearranging furniture will also give your room a new look as well as maximising your space. By doing this your living room will feel more homely, while the aesthetics and appeal of your home will be significantly improved.  Try organising your living room for a cost-free home renovation that could go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your home.

Upgrade kitchen worktops

Are your worktops and surfaces outdated? Give them the update they deserve to modernise and transform the look of your kitchen. Upgrading your worktops not only enhance the appearance of your kitchen but also add value to your home. As we spend a lot of time in our kitchens it is vital that they have an image and feel to flow with the rest of our homes. A dull kitchen can bring down the vibe of the rest of your home, so a small fix that can make a difference is changing your kitchen work surfaces for more modern alternatives. There is a wide variety of worktop materials to choose from, so you can find the perfect surface to fit with the design of your kitchen.

Add new kitchen hardware

Another home renovation idea for your kitchen is to add new hardware. This will be much simpler than upgrading your kitchen work surfaces and come at a lower expense. If you are looking for a less time consuming but more rewarding change to make to your kitchen, then this idea is for you. Upgrading your hardware will streamline and update your kitchens entire look. Even slight changes like updating hardware such as handles, pulls and doorknobs can make a significant difference to the design of your kitchen. For those looking for small but beneficial changes to your kitchen, try upgrading your hardware for a fresh update.

Install bathroom storage

As your bathroom is generally one of the smallest rooms in your home, you need to make an effort to make it feel more spacious. A key way to do this is by ensuring that your floor space is free of clutter. To achieve this, you should look to install bathroom storage in your home. Whether you opt for open shelves or cupboards, storage will give your bathroom a bigger look and will help to keep your room clean and tidy. Even small tucked away units are perfect for storage so you can maximise your space. So, this is appropriate for any budget big or small, try this today to see if you can transform your bathroom.

Power your shower – upgrade your shower system

Your shower is one of the main elements of your bathroom, so you need a system that is worthy of your home. For those that have low water pressure and do not possess a combi boiler, your shower may be less than exhilarating. This fix will come at a cost but installing a pump to increase water pressure and thermostatic shower valve will immensely improve the power of your shower. This will cost between £300 - £500, however, this will be a long term fix that will add value to your home. Improve your shower experience now by upgrading your system.

Keep on top of maintenance and cleaning

The most simple way that you can renovate your home is to keep up with essential cleaning and maintenance. Deep cleans will not only make your spaces more liveable and attractive but will also enhance your mood.  By doing this you can make your home feel more spacious and transform your rooms with very minor changes and without expenses. If you are consistent with your maintenance and cleaning, you can ensure that your home’s look and feel stays elegant all year round. Whether it is regular cleaning of your bathroom or maintenance of living room fixtures, try keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance this year to enhance your home.

Now you have got some fresh new home renovation ideas it is time for you to make these changes to your home. Whether you are making minor rearrangements or major amendments you should look to enhance your home today. Browse our excellent oak doors now to increase the appeal of your home.