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At UK Oak Doors we sell a host of solid oak internal products and we completely understand the importance of getting the most of our products’ natural qualities. So much so we have one of the leading hardwax oil ranges to treat your doors, skirting and architrave.

Our Osmo Wax Oils range has been created using the finest natural oils and waxes to offer the most enduring and hard-wearing protection for wooden accessories. By using Osmo Polyx oil you’ll be able achieve the true form of the wood’s appearance, by creating an emphasis on the wood’s grain and natural features providing a rich and warm effect ensuring an elegant and premium finish.

Osmo Hardwax Oils has a unique mixture of oil and wax with a tried and tested formula ensuring the oil soaks into the wooden surface with great ease, once settled within the wood the wax will create a durable coat allowing the wood to take on life’s wear and tear; it provides a breathable surface with liquid resistant properties.

This range has become incredibly easy to apply, simply spray or brush onto your oak doors, allow to rest for an hour or two for drying purposes (additional coats may be needed) and you’ll then be in a position to hang you door.

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