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We’re huge fans of renovation projects here at UK Oak Doors and we love reading about them, getting inspired, and carrying them out too. For some time we have been following the journeys of these blogs who are written by amazingly brave DIY enthusiasts who share with us the transformation of their living space. We have chosen our favourite 20, hope you enjoy them too!

1.       47 Park Avenue

Even though we wanted the featured blogs to be less known/famous ones, we just couldn’t resist including 47 Park Avenue. The award winning 47 Park Avenue is Michael and Jonathan’s blog where they share their renovation project. They’re based in London on 47 Park Avenue – if you hadn’t guessed - and are transforming their house into a chic, modern living space. We love drooling over their pictures. Their en-suite is just to die for! You can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest. 47 park avenue2.       A Lovely Ark

A Lovely Ark is written by a lovely lady – Lauren, who shares her life as well as her house transformation with her readers. She is very talented when it comes to making the most of small spaces and her daughter’s nursery transformation is famous amongst renovation blog lovers. We love her colour choices and would recommend her blog to anyone who wants inspiration on decoration. Especially if you have children! She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. A Lovely Ark 3.      A Roof Right Over Our Heads

Danny and Laura are based in Norfolk; they share the transformation of their Victorian semi-detached house which was empty for 20 years before they moved in. You can only imagine the amount of work that needed to be done! They’ve done a great job so far and are continuing to personalise and transform their space one room at a time. Highly recommended for anyone who is contemplating taking on a project house that is in need of a lot of TLC! You can find Danny and Laura on Twitter. A Roof Right Over Our Heads4.       Ebury Home and Garden

Founded by Hannah Gooch, Ebury Home and Garden is an online store which features practical and functional products that we adore! Hannah also has a blog where she shares the changes she makes to her home, other properties she likes and some delicious recipes. You can find Hannah on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ebury Home and Garden5.       Foxcroft  

Foxcroft is a very special blog. The owner Mike writes about the restoration of a 1928 house that was built by the previous owners. It’s not only their transformation of this beautiful house that makes this blog special, but the nostalgia. Mike often shares pictures from 70 years ago, along with letters. The blog isn’t updated as often as we’d like it to, but the updates are definitely worth the wait.  Unfortunately Mike isn’t very active on social media. foxcroft blog6.       House and Fig 

The blog gets its name from a fig tree in their garden. The owners bought the house with the fig tree in 2007, in San Francisco. After becoming a little disheartened with their project house, they got their mojo back and are –once again- renovating their beautiful home. We love how inspiring this blog is. It is full of useful resources that can help you get your DIY mojo back too! Sarah, the owner of the blog can be found on Twitter. House and Fig 7.       It’s Great To Be Home 

The owner of this blog is a serial home improver. She is currently on her 7th flip! Can you believe it? As you can imagine, the blog is full of practices tips and wisdom from a renovation pro! Whatever your ‘renovation requirements’ we’re almost certain that one of Liz’s projects will inspire you so definitely check her out. You can also find Liz on Facebook and Pinterest. It’s Great To Be Home

8.       Kaybar007 – A(nother) Renovation Blog 

Kaybar007 is in no shape or form related to James Bond 007 – from what we can see anyway. It is about the London home of Kay that is undergoing a renovation project. The blog dates back to 2008 when the house was bought and you can find everything on there! We’re loving watching their transformation. Kay often gives great advice on mortgages as well. You can also find Kay on Twitter. A(nother) Renovation Blog

9.       Klaus and Heidi

A great blog that is full of advice on Georgian restoration projects. You can see their renovation of their Georgian house which is located in South East London, the house is absolutely gorgeous. Prepare to be seriously inspired! There is also a great deal of furniture restoration projects as well. You can also find Klaus and Heidi on Pinterest. Klaus and Heidi

10.       Little House On The Corner

The owners Christine and Jan live in the North of the UK and are sharing the renovation of their first house which they bought in 2010. Neither of them has previous DIY experience but you wouldn’t guess that when you see the pictures of how they’ve transformed their beautiful house. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Little House On The Corner11.       Love and Renovations

Love and Renovations is updated by Amanda, who has recently bought her first house with her husband Corey. The blog is brilliantly sectioned so it’s easy to find what you need in no time. How they’ve transformed their house, and are continuing to do so is admirable. Definitely check it out if you need some inspiration. You can also find Amanda on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Weddingbee. Love and Renovations12.       Young House Love

Young House Love is Sherry and Jon’s documentation of their house renovation. They are currently renovating their 3rd home and what’s more amazing is that you can find their previous house renovations on their blog too. We love their blog, their house is so modern and homely. Young House Love is another famous blog but we just couldn’t resist including them. You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Young House Love13.        The Pease Pod

The Pease Pod shows the transformation of Gene and Jill’s home. You can expect to find a lot of DIY projects being undertaken, a truly unique style and a great taste. Combination of these is bound to be great right? They’re based in Minneapolis and we adore how amazing they’ve made their pod and we look forward to their posts. You can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest. The Pease Pod14Something Gorgeous

Something gorgeous is written by two lovely ladies who have such tasteful styles. Their blog isn’t solely on their renovation projects but a mixture of life, DIY, interior design, gardening, and cooking. Anyone who is into décor, renovation, DIY, cooking will find their blog interesting and become instantly hitched just like us. You can also find these lovely ladies on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Something Gorgeous15Our Adventures In Home Improvement

Our Adventures in Home Improvement is written by Pam. Both herself and her husband are lovers of home improvement and share their projects on their blog. They’re a very talented couple whose adventures inspire many other people to DIY. You can also find Pam on Facebook. Our Adventures In Home Improvement16.       Old Pearly Jenkins

We love the transformation the family has shared on Old Pearly Jenkins, it really shows the power of DIY. The before and after pictures will definitely inspire anyone who has an interest in renovation and DIY. We tried really hard to think of our favourite part of their renovation, and it was tough! But, if we definitely had to choose one it would be their back garden. Check it out and you will not be disappointed. Old Pearly Jenkins17.       Old Town Home

Old Town Home shares the story of Alex and Wendy’s transformation of their 1880s row house in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Their projects and tutorials are very helpful and inspire even the non-talented DIY enthusiasts. Definitely flick through their tutorials if you have a project in mind and we’re sure you’ll find it there. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Old Town Home18.       Project Maddox

Project Maddox is the blog of the Maddox family where they show us the renovations they do to their family home and the DIY projects they undertake, as well as some snippets of their daily lives. We love them because they’re crafty, creative and they love life! We would definitely recommend you to check them out. Project Maddox19.       Old House New Tricks

Old House New Tricks is written by Alysha. Her and her husband are renovating their farmhouse which is quite old and are making a great job of it! They recently shared their renovated kitchen and we are in love! We love their style and taste and would definitely recommend them for anyone who is looking for inspiration. You can also find Alysha on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.   Old House New Tricks20Turn Right At Lake Michigan

Turn Right At Lake Michigan is quite a famous blog, and other renovation lovers like us have been following their journey for some time. It’s one of those blogs where you must visit them first to know what we’re talking about because we don’t know where to begin. Their use of colour is just admirable! We envy their taste and eye for detail. Please just visit them and see for yourself what we mean. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Turn Right At Lake MichiganWe hope you guys enjoy exploring these blogs, we've tried to include more of the less famous ones. If you think we've missed out any great blogs please let us know.

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