Pre-Finished Doors vs Unfinished Doors

If you are looking for new oak doors you may come across both pre-finished and unfinished doors. It might be obvious what these two types consist of, however, it can be a difficult choice when you have to decide between purchasing pre-finished or unfinished oak doors. In this article, we will talk you through the benefits of both pre-finished and unfinished doors so you can make the right decision when investing in new oak doors.

Two 6 panel oak doors in a modern property

What is a Pre-Finished Oak Door

When it comes to pre-finished oak doors the clue is in the name, as these types of oak doors have already been prepared to be installed after being purchased. This basically means that your door has been finished with either wax, oil, paint or varnish at a factory level standard. Pre-finished oak doors allow you to have a door which is ready to be installed at your property straight away, so the only task left for you to do is to pick out your hardware. These doors are often more expensive than their unfinished counterparts due to the pre-applied finish.

The Benefits of Pre-Finished Oak Doors

The main benefit of pre-finished oak doors is that they are ready to install with your desired finish, which saves you the time and effort of finishing the door yourself. This also makes the installation process easier as you do not have to take the time out to customise your doors as you have been provided with a superior finish which is difficult to match hand by hand. So, you are very unlikely to find any imperfections or marks with a pre-finished oak door. Although pre-finished doors are more expensive than unfinished doors, pre-sealed doors will not have the extra costs of purchasing finishing products and equipment. After taking this into account the difference in cost is only minuscule, so if you have less time on your hands a pre-finished oak door will be the ideal option for you.

5 panel mexicano oak door

What is an Unfinished Oak Door

Unfinished doors are also self-explanatory, now you already know about pre-finished doors. This essentially means that the door has been designed to be finished by the customer/end-user. Oak doors require a finish to ensure that the life of the oak is preserved and to maintain the beautiful appearance of the door. This, therefore, provides more flexibility so you can find the perfect finish for your new oak doors. Although this option is more flexible it will be more time consuming due to the tasks you will need to complete when finishing your door.

The Benefits of Unfinished Oak Doors

Unfinished doors have the great benefit of providing you with the freedom to choose the perfect finish for your oak door. So, whether you are looking to apply a specific oil or wax you have the flexibility with an unfinished door to find the best finish to enhance your property. An unfinished door will require a lot more time as you may need to rub down and lightly sand your door before applying several coats along with a top coat to finish your door. Even though this is more time consuming compared to purchasing a pre-finished door, you will find finishing your door more rewarding. This will also allow you to become familiar with the door finishing and maintenance process. So, whether you are considering a new finish, or you are just maintaining your oak door, in future this will become second nature to you.

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Making Your Decision

Now you know the benefits of both pre-finished and unfinished doors, you can now make your mind up which door type will be more suitable to you. There is no right or wrong answer here, but we recommend considering the time you have on your hands, durability and the costs of each type when making your final decision. Browse our internal and external doors pages to find out more information or contact us today if you have any questions.

Information is accurate at time of publishing, however, may be subject to change.