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The UK Oak Doors Free Trees for Schools Project

UK Oak Doors is supporting the development of schools' outdoor nature reserves and wildlife areas by offering free trees for schools, colleges & universities to plant!

All schools have to do to participate in the project is fill out the online form below. Once the application has been sent, UK Oak Doors will be in touch to arrange for the school to receive their trees, note we don't just have to provide seedlings, we can also provide seeds and saplings where necessary!

Why should schools take part?

Nature and wildlife are essential parts of a child's learning and development. By incorporating this into school surroundings, children's attitudes and appreciation for nature can be established from an early age and a sense of respect and responsibility for their surrounding environment can be nurtured.

Aside from these learning experiences and benefits, wildlife areas make excellent outdoor classrooms and a refreshing change from the usual four walls. Your child's or pupils' school experience will be greatly improved with a beautiful and thriving outdoor area.

UK Oak Doors wants to help!

We want to encourage as many schools as possible to develop their school environment and that's why we came up with The Trees for Schools Project! Schools can make an event out of planting the trees; getting as many of their pupils involved with nature as possible. All you have to do is apply!

If you are a parent and think that this would be a great project for your child's school to get involved with, you can download the cover letter template that we have put together and send it to the school. There's nothing to lose, only free trees to gain for your child's school!

If you are a school staff member you can do the same, or apply via the online form below.

We're accepting applications now so what are you waiting for? Together we can help to make UK schools more pleasant and environmentally conscious places to be!

You can show your support for this project and spread the word via Facebook or Twitter.