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At UK Oak Doors we sell a host of solid oak internal products and we completely understand the importance of getting the most of our products’ natural qualities. So much so we have one of the leading hard wax oil ranges to treat your doors, skirting and architrave.

Our Osmo Wax Oils range has been created using the finest natural oils and waxes to offer the most enduring and hard-wearing protection for wooden accessories. 

By using Osmo Polyx oil you’ll be able to achieve the true form of the wood’s appearance, by creating an emphasis on the wood’s grain and natural features providing a rich and warm effect ensuring an elegant and premium finish.

A Quick Look at Osmo Door Oil

Osmo door oil combines wax and oil properties into a finish that adds to the aesthetic appeal of veneered wooden doors. In the UK, Osmo oil is renowned for far more than its ability to give wooden doors a glossy shine. It also offers strong protective properties for the interior of your doors. 

Also known as a hardwax finish, Osmo door oil penetrates the microporous outer layer of wooden doors. In doing so, it leaves the outer layer with an elastic, healthy finish that doesn’t peel, crack or blister. It also has the effect of boosting wood fibre health. 

Whether you’re applying it to an oak door or other types, Osmo oil finish will ensure the inner wood fibres retain moisture. Consequently, it prevents brittleness, swelling and shrinking. It’s the perfect oil finish to ensure the longevity of your wooden doors. 

With Osmo wax oil, you’re getting the highest level of engineering for your finish. It is exclusively designed to boost wooden doors at the grain level. The result is a warm effect that comes with a feeling of luxury. Essentially, you’re getting an elegant finish that will complement modern decor tones perfectly.

Although Osmo oil finish is best used for a wooden door, it can be used for different forms of veneered furniture. Its varied application also extends to children’s toys. 

Some of the top advantages of buying Osmo door oil include:

  • Water resistance
  • Resistance to dirt and other contaminants
  • Future applications do not require any sanding
  • Enhances the natural properties of wooden surfaces
  • Sweat-proof nature  

Unique Properties of the Osmo oil Finish 

Its water-resistant properties are a huge part of why Osmo door oil is popular in the UK. However, that’s not the only reason you should choose Osmo hardwax oil as the finish for your interior doors.

Abrasion Resistance

For an oak door, Osmo oil offers an abrasion-resistant outer layer. This means the influence of scratches and dents on your doors will be hugely limited. 

Stain Resistance

Osmo wooden door oil will reduce the frequency at which you need to clean your doors. In today’s fast-paced world, this will bring you much-needed peace of mind. It is resistant to beer, wine, milk, coffee, juice and soda.

Satin-like Finish

Osmo wax oil has a satin-like feel to it. This makes the end result pleasant and easy to touch. 

Simple Application

Using the Osmo door oil requires zero technical skills. You can apply it to your oak doors without any sanding or primers. Shop our collection today.

Best Ways to Use Osmo Oil

Thanks to the aesthetic appeal of its end product, Osmo door oil offers varied usage. Here are some of the top ways to enjoy its benefits.

Interior Wooden Doors

This is the primary application surface for Osmo oil users in the UK. For this application, you can choose between a matte or satin finish. It all depends on your personal preferences and the look you’re going for. 

Osmo oil on a wooden door gives a dramatic impact that is hard to beat. By bringing out the grain, it makes the timber look rich and luxurious. This boosts the charm and aesthetic character of your interior wooden doors.

Veneered Doors and Furniture

The protective qualities of Osmo oil finish are why many wood care enthusiasts use it on veneered doors and furniture. With careful application, you can apply it in such a way that it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to the point that it lifts the veneer. 

In doing so, you won’t ruin the veneer. Simultaneously, you’ll be able to enjoy the protective and aesthetic qualities of Osmo door oil. 

Old Floorboards

For your old floorboards that need renovation, Osmo wax oil can come in handy. Most of these floorboards are beaten up and need a new finish. With the rejuvenating properties of Osmo door oil, you can add a new character to your floorboards.

It offers a deep yet subtle finish that will brighten the floorboards without affecting their characteristics. More so, since it’s stain and water-resistant, you can enjoy your new rejuvenated floorboards for many years. 

Try Osmo Hardwax Oil Today

Osmo Hardwax Oils has a unique mixture of oil and wax with a tried and tested formula ensuring the oil soaks into the wooden surface with great ease, once settled within the wood the wax will create a durable coat allowing the wood to take on life’s wear and tear; it provides a breathable surface with liquid-resistant properties.

This range has become incredibly easy to apply, simply spray or brush onto your oak doors, allow it to rest for an hour or two for drying purposes (additional coats may be needed) and you’ll then be in a position to hang your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about using and buying Osmo oil in the UK.

How Do You Apply Osmo Oil to a Door?

Before you start to apply Osmo wax oil on your door, it has to be clean and completely dry. Start by cleaning microporous stains. You should also remove lacquer and old paints. If there are any cracks, holes or large joints, fill them in with a designated wood filler. For traces of dust on the door, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them completely. 

The next step is the careful application of a coat of Osmo door oil to the sides. Then, start to apply the wax finish toward the centre of your door. Apply thinly, using even strokes to ensure a level distribution of the wax finish. You can use a flat brush or a roller for this. 

Allow this layer to dry. Then, apply a second layer of Osmo wooden door oil. This time, go for a thinner application layer. Then, allow the door to dry before you install it on the hinges. 

What is Osmo Door Oil?

Osmo door oil is a special coating that combines wax and oil properties for the nourishment and protection of veneered as well as solid wooden doors. The constituents of Osmo wax oil are able to penetrate deeply into the wood while retaining a breathable outer layer that doesn’t peel or crack.

Is Osmo oil Any Good?

Yes, it is. It has a pleasant scent, is durable and easy to apply. Furthermore, it offers strong resistance to water, stains and insects. This boosts the longevity of your oak door. 

Should You Sand Between Coats of Osmo?

You don’t have to sand between coats of Osmo hardwax oil. Although, denibbing can reduce slight imperfections on the surface. 

Can You Apply Osmo Oil with a Cloth?

Yes, you can. However, this cloth has to be completely dry and lint-free. Apply the Osmo oak door oil thinly while moving across the grain of the wood. If there is any excess oil finish, you can remove it with another dry clothing.

With a cloth, you may need up to 4 thin coats for effective application. Finally, since Osmo wooden door oil is flammable, be sure to dispose of the cloth properly.

How Long Does Osmo Top Oil Take to Dry?

Typically, Osmo Top Oil takes about 6-10 hours to dry completely. The exact timing depends on the humidity and temperature conditions in your immediate environment.

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