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Treatex Hardwax Oils

You’ll spend some time making hard choices with which style of door to buy or possibly which is the best architrave and skirting for your home. With all those decisions proving troublesome selecting the correct hard wax oil will certainly not be one of them. We have spent a wealth of time testing an array of hardwax oils; we can proudly say that the Treatex hardwax oil range stands above the rest when it comes to durability and the quality of finish for your solid oak internal products.

The best way to enhance your new solid oak product is to bring out the natural qualities displayed throughout the wood, when applying the treatex hardwax oil it will flow effortlessly into the natural grains and grooves improving colour and depth to the wood’s appearance. In addition to the visual qualities you will also be creating a finish which is very effective at the prevention of moisture becoming trapped within your oak product which could lead to warping.

The reason we have chosen Treatex hardwax oil above the rest is down to their high wax content, an increase in wax ensures every nook and cranny is filled evenly creating a smooth and seamless finish. As stated previously this will hold back the presence of moisture between the atmosphere and the wood, creating a durable finish which will stand the test of time.

This hardwax oil is suitable for an array of internal uses, such as: flooring, skirting, architrave and more. We have a professional in-house service that will apply this much needed finish for you, making sure each coat of oil has a clean and natural finish throughout the oil’s application.

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