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Solid Oak Window Sills

Here at UK Oak Doors we view the importance of maintaining our high product standards in equal measure to the hassle-free experience we strive to deliver to our customers. Whether this is guiding you in the selection of lining to match your flooring or possibly which best solid oak doors will suit your home. When it comes to our solid oak window sill boards we aim to once again flaunt off our unbeatable quality.

Our solid oak window sills are machined from the fine kiln dried solid America oak which allows them to offer a combination of stunning looks and fantastic durability. Another benefit of solid oak is that it has a beautiful natural wood grain appearance ensuring a highly decorative finish throughout your home. The minimal look of our window sills makes them suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors alike. Supplied untreated and pre-finished, our solid oak window sills can be oiled to match your existing wood features.

Our range of solid oak window sills are supplied with a depth of 225mm or 250mm with the choice of two thicknesses: 25mm and 32mm. With the lengths reaching to 3 metres you’ll certainly find a size to meet your needs.

When you buy with us you’re ensuring that the finest hand-picked timber is always used with no compromise to quality or cost as we’ll always go out of our way to ensure you’re receiving the best possible price.

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