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Ogee Skirting Board

Our Oak Ogee skirting is a stylish and durable border which runs across the bottom of your wall creating a decorative and hard-wearing finish. Pairing our Ogee skirting Board with our solid oak Ogee architrave will bring together any room in your home into a unified well-designed space.

The Ogee’s moulding boasts a style with a high amount of detail using a series of curves finishing to a flush end, such a style is tailored to more of a traditional home though if you find the right door to your liking the choice is yours. With our skirting board being made from the same high quality timber as our architrave we’re confident that our product will be ready for life’s scuffs and knocks without compromise to the overall appearance. The solid oak Ogee skirting will arrive pre-sanded giving you the opportunity to decide the best finish for your home, whether that’s a paint or oil finish.

Our skirting boards are available in a single length of 3m which tend to have a little extra to take into consideration the potential of minor imperfections at the end of the board, by removing this slight excess you will be left with a clean 3m length of skirting board. Always measure the skirting board before removing any of the ends, to ensure you have enough. In addition to a range of heights you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

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