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Chamfer Skirting Board

Our view at UK Oak Doors is to offer our customers a hassle-free and enjoyable service matched equally by our high standards found throughout our range of products. Whether you’re looking to find a suitable architrave for your kitchen or possibly you’re in need of guidance for the right skirting to match your flooring, we’ll always go out of our way to help. This certainly is the case with informing all our customers about our Chamfer solid oak skirting boards.

The solid oak Chamfer skirting board has a stylish and smooth boarder as it runs along the base of your wall creating a seamless connection to the flooring beneath offering a desirable finish within a modern home. Our Chamfer solid oak skirting boards are intended to be used alongside our solid oak Chamfer architrave creating a unified sleek appearance throughout your home.

The Chamfer skirting boards proves to be increasingly popular for customers wishing to achieve a minimal and contemporary feel to their home. Due to the skirting board’s design it flows seamlessly around corners and throughout any connecting points.

Our skirting boards come in a single length of 3m usually supplied to our customers with a little extra to take into account any scuffs or imperfections found on the end, by simply removing this excess you’ll have a clean 3m of skirting board to use. Please always measure the board before looking into the reduction of the board’s length. In addition to a variety of heights you’ll certainly find a size perfect for your needs.

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