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Bullnose Skirting Board

At UK Oak Doors we take pride in ensuring all our products reach the same high standard we set across our range; our view on our customers’ experience matches the same level of importance and sits firmly at the front of our minds. This might be helping someone match architrave to pre-existing rails with their home or possibly which accessories would make their door complete.

The bullnose solid oak skirting board offers the perfect solution for a contemporary environment. Where some style of architrave display a wealth of detail, the bullnose skirting flaunts a more subtle appearance which is very in keeping to a more modern home.

Our bullnose solid oak skirting boards lend themselves to be used alongside our diverse range of contemporary doors all designed with a minimalistic touch in mind. The bullnose skirting is best in place alongside its architrave equivalent, the bullnose architrave. Creating a crisp and unified appearance across your home, with these two pieces blending effortlessly into one another you’ll have a modern home that can’t be beat.

Our skirting boards are available in lengths of 3m usually supplied to our customers slightly longer just in case imperfections visible on the ends of the boards, by simply cutting away this excess you’ll have a clean 3m of skirting board for use. Make sure to measure your boards to double check the exact length you have. With options available for different heights you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

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