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Solid Oak Torus Architrave

With our solid oak torus architrave being selected from the finest timber available, we’re confident that this new addition to your home will be the perfect finishing touch to your doors.

Our Torus architrave Set offers a stylish and durable border around your door’s opening which can be finished to complement the solid oak door you choose for your home. It has a detailed look which is suited to both traditional and more modern homes. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of this stylish look when paired with our solid oak torus skirting, maintaining this desirable finish from wall to the flooring. Constructed from solid oak, torus architrave has a naturally beautiful appearance.

The material also offers strength and durability to ensure that it will stand the test of time in a busy home and also maintains its stunning looks. The torus is supplied pre-sanded and ready to be treated in keeping with the door it will be surrounding.

When buying our architrave, we currently sell it in single and double sets. Our single set comprises of 2 x 21.m and 1 x 1.1m lengths, with our double set comprising of 3 x 2.1 metre lengths. With these sets you will be able to complete one side of an opening with architrave. The reason for selling it in this way is due to some customers only needing one side (e.g for a wardrobe, pantry and cupboard or under the stairs) as the internal side won’t be visible. If you require both sides of your door to have architrave then you will need to purchase two packs of architrave.

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