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Ogee Architrave

Our solid oak ogee architrave creates a sophisticated and sturdy border around the door’s opening allowing a seamless finish into the skirting when you use our own solid oak ogee skirting which will truly get the most out of your wall and flooring.

The ogee architrave sets moulding style is highly detailed with elegant curves lowering into a neat finish, such a style would lend itself to a more period or traditional home, that said matched with a door of your liking the possibilities are endless. Due to the standard of timber we use our solid oak ogee will be ready for life’s knocks and scuffs on a day-to-day basis without taking away from its appearance.

The architrave is pre-sanded allowing you to have the opportunity to decide the best finish on your oak products, whether that’s an oil or paint finish. Solid oak architrave is sold in two variations: single and double sets. A single set comprises of 2 x 2.1m and 1 x 1.1m lengths, a double set comprises of 3 x 2.1 metre lengths. A set will allow you to complete one side of an opening with architrave.

The reason we sell it this way is due to some people only needing one side, for example: wardrobes, cupboards, pantries and underneath stairs will only have one opening visible. Should you need both sides completing, you will have to purchase two packs of architrave.

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