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UK Oak Doors Chamfer Architrave

UK Oak Doors hosts a wide range of high quality products to help make your house a home; this is certainly no different when it comes to the range of architrave we have to offer. If you’re looking to unify the appearance of your new doors then installing architrave of the same high quality and finish is the only way to go. Our chamfered oak architrave is a smooth and stylish border resting around your door offering a perfect finish for a contemporary home.

Our solid oak chamfered architrave has been designed to be use alongside our solid oak chamfer skirting board to achieve a consistent finish. It is extremely popular for customers looking for a moulding to be used alongside doors with a more modern style. The architrave’s angle provides a smooth transition between door and wall.

Architrave is currently sold in single and double sets. A single set contains 2 x 2.1m and 1 x 1.1m lengths; a double set contains 3 x 2.1 metre lengths. This is enough to complete the architrave on one side of the opening. We sell it this way as both sides are not always required (e.g. for a wardrobe, cupboard, pantry or under the stairs). If you need architrave on both sides of your door then you will need to order two packs of architrave.

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