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Bullnose Architrave

At UK Oak Doors our view is to maintain the same flawless quality throughout our entire range especially when it comes to adding a crucial finish to your home such as our range of solid oak architrave. By using our solid oak architrave you’ll ensure that the same high quality look is maintained due to the finest timber being selected as your newly fitted solid oak door and skirting.

Our solid oak bullnose architrave is the perfect choice for a modern home. Whilst other styles of architrave have detail in abundance, the bullnose architrave has a very minimalist style which is ideal for bringing together the contemporary home lending itself to any household accessories.

The solid oak bullnose architrave has been selected to be used alongside our extensive range of modern doors which have limited detailing allowing this range to fit with ease into a range of homes maintaining a very clean and tidy appearance, especially once used with our solid oak bullnose skirting.

Our solid oak architrave is sold in a variety of sets. A single set consists of 2 x 2.1m and 1.1m lengths; with a double set consisting of 3 x 2.1 metre lengths. This amount offers enough architrave to complete one side of the door’s opening. The reason for selling it this way is due to the opposing side not always being required (e.g. for a cupboard, wardrobe, under the stairs or a pantry.) Should you require architrave for both sides, you will need to purchase two packs of architrave.

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