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Oak Doors

We specialise in providing high quality, stylish oak doors to suit every type of home and interior. We have an incredible range of internal oak doors and external doors for you to browse and with our price promise, it means we won’t be beaten on price. We constantly strive for excellence in our service, and if our fantastic doors were not enough, we even stock oak skirting and architrave because we know the little things matter and they can make the biggest difference.

Once you’ve found the perfect door for your home, you can head on over to our door hardware section, where you’ll find a great, diverse range of door handles, latches, locks and more to ensure your door receives the finish it deserves.

With years of experience in everything oak, it’s important to us that ethically sourcing our wood from the very beginning remains a top priority when it comes to doors, skirting and flooring.

Oak is a classic wood revered for its traditional appearance and durability. As such, doors that are constructed from oak make beautiful and practical additions to any room, enhancing both the quality and appearance of your entranceways. Doors made from this wood can come in unique styles and types and can be designed for whatever purpose or theme you want. Our wide selection of internal and external oak doors are available in a number of designs such as contemporary, period, cottage, and veneered.

What is Oak Wood?

Oakwood is found most commonly in the Northern Hemisphere, in areas such as North America, Europe, and areas of Asia. There are about 600 different species of oak trees, ranging from deciduous to evergreen. This type of wood has a high density, making it ideally suited for construction because it is so strong, hard, and durable. Its material resists insects and fungus well due to a high level of tannin and contains beautiful markings that look incredible when quartersawn.

Types of Doors for Your House

If you’ve set your mind on a door made from oak (by the way, we fully support your decision) the only thing left to decide is the style, shape, and kind of door that you want. There is a range of grades and cuts that you can choose from that all come in oak options. You’re free to choose both indoor and outdoor products that can be finished in any number of styles. Our catalogue of products makes it easier than ever for you customize your entire home - inside and out - with oak!

Our doors are available in any number of styles, such as cottage, contemporary, and planked. Contemporary doors use a more modern style, planked doors can be identified by their long vertical planks, and cottage doors are designed for your cabin-style cottage or home. Depending on the design you are looking for you, you will need to pick the door you’d like. Ultimately, this falls on what you want and your personal preference. More than that, there are a lot of options based on periods of time, regions, and design.

What are Glazed Oak Doors?

Glazed doors include feature panes of glass or panels along the top and bottom rails, making it more fashionable. These doors typically have more to them and are a little more elegant and elaborate than more basic door types.

The Benefits of Using Oak for Your Doors

Oak provides your doors with a classic, traditional appearance that is reminiscent of the countryside and English heritage. Oak provides a beautiful look and recalls a sense of heritage and countryside. Oak is also a strong material that will hold up to impact and weather while maintaining its quality. Therefore, you are getting the top of both performance and appearance, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Choosing the Best Doors for Your House

We offer a large selection of oak doors so you can create the iconic, traditional look you want for any home, cottage, or business. This way you can tailor the door to be exactly what you want. Oak is beautiful with different looks and helps create a beautiful aesthetic for any room. Doors made from this material are great for at home, at your cottage, and even for a business. You can use them inside or outside and they make a great entranceway to any home. Oak’s sturdy, thick, and durable design makes it a strong and protective option for any house or business that will prevent both intrusion and fire damage. They will last longer and you shouldn’t have to replace or repair them, since their hard, strong wood will resist scratches. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance at all.