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Solid Oak Veneer Doors


If you’re looking for a clean, smooth, modern finish, oak veneer doors may be the best choice for your home. Solid Oak veneer doors are great for internal uses, as you can create a modern, sophisticated, sleek look that will maintain its quality over time. Internal oak veneer doors will look beautiful inside any home, allowing you to style and decorate your home exactly how you like!

Veneer Internal doors are doors that have an additional layer of fine wood that is applied over the top of the main material for the door, which is often tougher. This thin covering is meant to be decorative and make the door look more clean, sleek, and appealing. Usually, this wood will be less than 3 mm thick and will be glued to the main panels of the door, ensuring a flat and finished surface.

Sophisticated Veneer

When discussing woodworking, a veneer is a process in which thin slices of wood are glued to core panels. Typically, wood from the trunk of a tree is peeled off or sliced from large blocks. The veneer’s appearance is unique in that it marks the grain of the wood because it can be sliced along the growth rings. Depending on where the slice is made, a variety of unique patterns can form. This allows you to create a diverse range of styles and even interconnect various cuts of veneer.

Veneer doors are doors that have an additional layer of fine wood that is applied over the top of the main material for the door, which is often rough. This thin covering is meant to be decorative and make the door look more clean, sleek, and appealing. Usually, this wood will be less than 3 mm thick and will be glued to the main panels of the door, ensuring a flat and finished surface.

Advantages Of Veneer

In most cases, veneer helps ensure that cracking and splitting is reduced, as these surfaces are finished and laid smooth. These thin pieces of wood are less likely to split and crack than solid wood. If it does crack or split, it is much easier and cheaper to repair a broken piece of veneer - even if you replace the veneer on the entire door - than it is to buy a new solid object.

Some projects would be impossible to perfect with solid lumber, making veneer an ideal option for creating what you need. Although this may not be as true of doors, it is for sure true of carpentry. In some more elegant or elaborate door designs, the veneer can allow you to create a look you couldn’t achieve with solid wood. If you are looking to save time we have an exceptional selection of doors that are already finished with our pre-finished oak veneer doors selection. Or for those who prefer panelled doors, we have an amazing collection of 4-panel oak veneer internal doors to fit your needs.

Oak Trees

Oakwood comes mostly from the Northern Hemisphere, from regions like North America, Europe, and Asia. There are about 600 different species of oak trees that can be deciduous or evergreen depending on where they live. It has a high density, which makes it great for building because it is hard, strong, and durable. It also lasts longer because its high level of tannin naturally resists insects and fungus diseases.

Fire Rated

Many veneer doors still come with fire-resistant options so that you can ensure you get the best in terms of fire and smoke safety. Getting a fire-rated oak veneer internal door can help isolate fire or smoke emergencies within your home. Not only can this help protect various areas of your home from extensive damage, but it can also potentially give you more time to escape in an emergency. You will find a fantastic selection of oak veneer fire doors within our veneer collection, so you can find the perfect door to complement your interior design.

Benefits Of Having Veneer Doors

Veneer doors provide a number of advantages over solid wood doors. Since veneer is a thin sheet of wood, it allows you to create various things you would be unable to produce with strictly solid wood on its own. They can offer a smooth finish for both appearance and texture. There are certain looks, textures, and finishes that you can only get from using veneer. So whether you are trying to achieve a classic appearance with oak veneer glazed doors or looking to add a modern element to your property with Mexicano oak veneer doors, you will find the doors to suit the style of your home within our range.

It also makes repairing cracks or slices in the door easier and more cost-effective, since you just need to replace the veneer as opposed to the entire door. Getting oak veneer internal doors will be a great addition to any property, allowing you to personalize the appearance of the door and shape the style of the location. If you want help ordering veneer doors, contact UK Oak Doors today!

Importance of Oak Veneer Doors

Oak veneer doors are incredibly versatile in their application. The varied functionality of internal veneer doors means they’re slowly becoming commonplace in the UK. Internal oak veneer doors are doubly important because they add to the longevity and durability of your home.

Easy maintenance, comparably low cost, and great quality are just a few of the benefits of oak veneer internal doors. You can wipe prefinished oak veneer doors with a wet cloth without causing any damage to them. There are also a plethora of styles of oak veneer doors in the UK to choose from — each with unique finishes and aesthetics.

The advantages of purchasing oak veneer internal doors exceed that of a solid wood door. Internal oak veneer doors are robust and do not expand or contract as much as solid wood doors do in different weather situations. Similarly, internal veneer doors retain their integrity over time and don’t warp or alter. Because our oak veneer internal doors in the UK go through an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, you’ll be playing a part in conserving the environment.

We are a leading provider of oak veneer internal doors in the UK, providing outstanding customer service, quick delivery, and a wide selection of products for your house. Check out our collection of internal oak veneer doors on sale today.

Installing your Oak Veneer Doors

We can deliver prefinished oak veneer doors to locations across the UK. These oak veneered doors are ready to hang with no effort.

If you’re looking to go the DIY route, we can also deliver unfinished oak veneered doors. These doors will require painting, polishing and deliberate treatment before installation. For many other oak veneer interior doors, we suggest a water-based treatment.

Oak veneer doors need regular maintenance to keep their natural beauty. The veneer on oak interior doors needs more than simply cosmetic upkeep. Maintaining the product's integrity is also critical, as failing to do so may jeopardize the glue bond strength between the softwood core and the veneer.

Ultimately, make sure to buy quality veneered doors over cheap oak veneer doors. Installing quality products will reduce the frequency of having to repair your finished or prefinished oak veneered doors.

Send us a quote today and get the best oak veneer doors in the UK from us today.

Variety of Oak Veneer Doors

We have a ton of internal oak veneer doors on sale at our stores. We also deliver oak internal doors in different sizes and shapes.

For example, if you need a larger door to cover a wider space, you can go for our double doors. If you’re looking for a glazed option, we also have glass panel doors for sale as well.

If you have a more sophisticated appetite, you can purchase our internal French doors, which work perfectly for your patios or kitchens. You can also test out our internal bi-fold doors for your entryways. These bi-fold doors are great because they open both ways from either side.

Lastly, for the eccentric gardener or farmer in you, you can have a go at our barn doors. They are great for backyard entrances from your barn or garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you need to know:

Are Oak Veneer Doors Any Good?

Cheap oak veneer doors can create a high-quality appearance without requiring huge amounts of costly wood, making it more economical and affordable.

Do Oak Veneer Doors Need Treating?

You can apply wax, oil, or varnish to oak veneer internal doors. A clear door oil or varnish will bring out the inherent grain and texture of the wood while also darkening the wood to give it a damp appearance.

Can You Leave Oak Veneer Doors Unfinished?

Yes, but if you're keeping your oak doors before having them completed and fitted, keep them in a cool, dry area where they won't be exposed to moisture until they're completely sealed and ready to use.

What Does Veneer Oak Mean?

The best slices of oak are chopped and then bonded to a strong artificial board backing to create veneer oak.

How Many Hinges on Oak Veneer Door?

The typical number is a minimum of three 76mm hinges for interior doors.

Can You Use Osmo Oil on Oak Veneer Doors?

Solid wood and veneered oak doors benefit from Osmo Door Oil. Osmo Door Oil’s formulation is a proprietary combination of oils and waxes that seals and preserves interior wooden doors. By doing so, Osmo Door Oils protects your door from grease, finger and handprints, grime, scuffs, stains, and moisture.

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