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2 Panel Oak Doors


Our Oak 2 Panel Doors stick to the classic, simple, and sleek look of two panels. These doors use a relatively traditional and basic design, altered by various stylistic touches.

Two panel doors are easy to match with other types of oak products and home furnishings, since they have a relatively simple and traditional design that can work with many different styles. We have a range of two panel oak doors that can be fire-rated, glazed, and styled in many different ways. They can come with various finishes or come unfinished so that you can create a custom and personalized look.

What is Oak Wood? 

Oak trees are most commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere, largely in North America, Europe, and throughout Asia. There are more than 600 different oak tree species that can be deciduous or evergreen. Oak is an ideal wood for building because it has a high density, making it hard, strong, and durable. These qualities of oak wood make it perfect for an assortment of building applications. It will last long and stand up to wear and tear. It also naturally resists insects and fungus diseases because it has high levels of tannin.

Solid Oak 

Our 2 panel doors are made from 100% solid oak to give them a natural appearance that highlights their wood grain. These simply designed doors are elegantly produced using the finest timber to give you a solid, strong, and durable oak door. Whether you use strictly solid oak or add glass, you can create both classic and contemporary looks with these doors.

What are Glazed Oak Doors? 

Glazed doors have panes of glass or panelling at the top or bottom rails of the door, creating a more intricate and creative design. This door frame gives it a more elaborate and interesting appearance, outlining your door. You can use this to create a unique look as well as match other elements of your home. At UK Oak Doors, we carry doors that can be both glazed and unglazed. Our 2 panel glazed internal doors will be an excellent addition to any room to provide a modern look and feel to your home.

The Importance of Fire-Rated Doors 

Fire-retardant doors are used regularly for fire and smoke protection. Many buildings even require them to be used because of building control regulations. These doors are designed to resist fires and smoke in the event of an emergency and are typically used for external doors, such as garage doors. Our 2 panel fire doors will be ideal to suit the style of any home and room with clean lines and beautiful oak grains without compromising the fire proof element.

You can use fire-rated doors for internal passageways as well, isolating and controlling fire and smoke threats. Most door types and styles can come in fire-rated options in order to guarantee a level of fire and smoke safety.

Benefits of Choosing Doors Created From Oak 

Building with oak wood is ideal because it is a sturdy, solid wood that will be strong enough for use in construction and hold up to wear and tear. It’s natural wood grain creates an appealing look and feeling, evoking the charming appearance of the English countryside. You can even use oak 2 panel doors inside to bring this same rustic look to your interior.

Oak’s naturally appealing appearance, durable material, and long lifetime make oak a prime material for building oak doors.

Picking an Oak Door for Your House 

Getting 2 panel doors for your home or business will help add to the character and decor of your home, whether it’s used on the inside or outside of your home. These beautiful, solid doors are built from the finest solid oak, making them both durable and long-lasting. Their natural oak grain will complement the characteristics and features of your property and will work especially well for period homes.

These doors can be sized to fit your needs, as well as styled in a variety of different options to match your decor. These are most commonly used for period doors or cottage-styled doors, but can be used in various ways throughout your home to add character and enhance its appeal.

Contact UK Oak Doors today for any door needs you may have. Whether it’s French, cottage, or Suffolk doors, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. We even carry different treatment options, such as oils and waxes.

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