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Solid Oak Doors
Solid Oak Doors

Solid Oak Doors

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Solid Oak Internal Doors

Nothing is quite the same as the natural appearance and feel of solid oak doors. These bring out the beauty of the natural wood grain and it’s colours, texture, and feel. Using a finish that suits your taste and decor will let you complete the style of any residence and ensure the door looks magnificent.

Our Solid Oak Interior Doors give a classic look that reminds people of the countryside and the cottage lifestyle. There is no better way to evoke the English countryside than with doors made from oak! By customizing the type and style of the door, you can ensure you get a door that matches your home and helps accent its main features.

Why Your Next Door Should be Made from Oak

Oak trees grow most popularly in the Northern Hemisphere, commonly in areas like North America, Europe, and throughout Asia. There are hundreds of different oak tree species that range from deciduous to evergreen.

Oak wood has a high density and it makes for a great building material since it is hard, strong, and durable. It is naturally resistant to insects and fungus diseases as well because it has a high level of tannin.

Choosing the Best Door Designs

There are various types and styles of doors, ranging from contemporary, to cottage, to Victorian, to 1930s, to French. No matter what you want, there is a design that will suit what you prefer and the appearance you want. We recommend browsing our solid oak french doors if you are looking to achieve a classic yet modern look and feel to your home.

However, some materials are better suited to various types or styles. Oak makes for a great building material because it’s so dense and sturdy. As such, solid oak can be worked with easier and you have more options for personalization.

Setting glass, adding a glaze, or introducing a more intricate pattern can all be done successfully and finished professionally with a door constructed from oak. If you’ve decided you want solid oak internal doors you will be able to create a diverse range of styles to match your dwelling and bring out certain features. So if you desire a glazed door, our solid oak glazed internal doors will be ideal for your needs to enhance the appearance of your property.

What are Fire-Rated Doors? 

All solid oak doors are ideally suited as fire rated doors, because oak is a naturally dense wood that provides resistance to both fire and smoke. This helps give you protection against fire damage and could give you added time for escaping in the event of a fire-related emergency.

Although oak is more fire-resistant than some other woods, getting a fire rated door is still a good idea if fire protection is a serious concern for you, whether it’s for residential or commercial applications.

The Benefits of Doors Constructed with Oak

Doors made with solid oak give you benefits in terms of both appearance and performance, looking great for various styles and providing long-lasting quality. These doors evoke a pastoral setting and a sense of countryside, adding beauty and setting a tone for your home. They are great at accenting and emphasizing various features of a home as well!

Oak wood is a dense, strong wood that will last long and stand up to wear and tear. Solid oak ensures that you have a complete piece of solid oak wood of high grade and quality. These doors will help protect against intrusion, and fire because of the strength, durability, and hardness they offer.

Purchasing the Best Doors Made From Oak

We offer the best in solid oak, including pricise configurations, to the finest detail. Our doors offer an iconic, traditional appearance and feel for your house, business, or cottage.

There are various types and styles you can choose from. Oak’s solid material makes it ideal for building with and enables more features on your doors, such as panels, glass panes, or more intricate detailing.

All of our solid oak doors are strong, thick, and durable doors that will last long and maintain their good quality and appearance. They offer natural protection and look incredible as both an exterior or interior door.

For any other questions, visit our FAQs section!