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Solid Oak Shaker Doors


Our Solid Oak Shaker doors use oak wood to create a traditional appearance with clean lines of panelling that work great for both classic and modern designs. They come in different styles and types so that you can match them to the interior and exterior styles of the home. Our range of Oak Shaker Internal Doors feature panelling with clear, clean lines that suit a diverse range of styles. Here at UK Oak Doors, we use oak wood for our constructions to ensure the best quality and appearance for your finished oak products.

Please reach out to us for information or help to order any of our Shaker Style Doors.

Origins of the Shaker Door

Shaker doors are all the rage nowadays, and they have seen a meteoric rise across the UK. Hence, it’s important to understand the characteristics of these oak internal doors. This info will help you decide which type to purchase.

Shaker doors are a style of cabinet doors. The name originates from a religious sect of people who shake their heads and talk in tongues while dancing.

With a basic square indent, shaker doors have a flat frame and a level centre. All of the edges are square, and there are no extra embellishments. This lack of ornamental flair is prevalent today in internal double doors or even some Victorian doors.

The Shakers religious sect took great pleasure in their craftsmanship. It’s obvious in the way their furniture appears equally excellent from the front, side, and rear. Except for a tiny carving of the Shaker emblem, their designs were sturdy, simple, and modest.

Thanks to their superior craftsmanship, Shaker doors can complement various architectural styles. Although most experts regard them as classic, they may also be successfully employed in a modern context, as seen in contemporary interior doors with glass or interior French doors.

In addition to shaker doors, our online store offers oak internal doors in various styles. You can explore different quality door options for your home or commercial space.

Features of Our Shaker Doors

Instead of mahogany, shaker doors comprise natural materials such as pine, cherry wood, and maple. Here at UK Oak Doors, we use a more substantial material — oak — to provide increased solidity and strength for the door.

Shaker doors can also come in the form of internal bi-fold doors. The simplistic nature of the wood makes them suitable for hallway passages. Furthermore, they can work as internal barn doors because they’re incredibly tough and resistant to weather.

Modern versions of shaker doors comprise engineered wood known as Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF. It’s highly moisture resistant and relatively affordable to use. Most internal French doors in the shaker style have MDF. It’s a feature that makes them durable and long-lasting.

Glazing can also be done to shaker doors to make them internal doors with glass. The rustic appearance of Shaker doors combines with intricate glazing to elevate the door’s visual appeal.

Glazed panels are available for our collection of internal double doors. Look through our online collection today!

Benefits of Shaker Doors

Here’s what to expect when you buy any one of our shaker doors:

Timeless Appeal

While remaining simple in form, Shaker doors have a pleasing visual impression due to their traditional appearance. It can blend in with other modern door types like Victorian doors thanks to its simplicity mixed with enough detail to remain attractive.

If you’re looking for other options with timeless appeal, you may want to check out our selection of internal french doors and internal doors with glass.

Low Maintenance

Shaker doors don’t require frequent cleaning due to their simple look. Other door designs make it easier for clouds of dust, oil, and other dirt to get trapped and spread throughout the woodwork, making cleaning a chore.

A quick wipe-down is all you require to keep a shaker door looking as good as new. Therefore, they’re ideal for more external door options like internal barn doors, which may be more susceptible to dirt.

Low maintenance effort works excellently for bi-fold doors near kitchens where oils and grease may splash on them. You can look through our selection of internal bi-fold doors today!

Availability and Versatility

Shaker doors are widely accessible today, especially in various finishes. The doors can also come in different designs and patterns. With glazing, you can repurpose shaker doors as internal doors with glass for patios and kitchen doors. We also deliver internal barn doors in this style. Look through our online store today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Shaker Door?

Shaker doors are generally interior or cabinet doors with a basic structure and a centre panel surrounded by a raised rectangular frame.

Do Shaker Doors Cost More?

Shaker doors are often less expensive than raised panel doors of comparable style and design.

Are Shaker Style Doors Modern?

Doors in the shaker style go with nearly any architectural style. Although they are considered a traditional style, you can use them in a contemporary setting to great effect.

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