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Internal Period Style Oak Doors

Any home that has a style entrenched in a specific time or that has clear period features could benefit from oak period doors. Period Oak Doors doors can be great for both internal and external uses, accentuating the design of houses. By using a door that matches the time your house was built in, you can highlight specific features and create a breathtaking theme.

Different styled doors - Suffolk doors, Victorian doors, and 1930s doors - all serve to match a specific design and offer certain characteristics, effectively matching a period. These types of doors are most ideal for someone with architecture set in a specific time period that they would like to accentuate or reflect.

Browse our range of Period Internal Doors today to put a fantastic mark in your house.

Choosing the Type of Door for Your Style 

Common types of doors that are good for doors set in a certain time include cottage, French, and solid oak. Different styles that are regularly associated with internal doors would also include Victorian, Georgian, Suffolk, or 1930s.

A lot of traditional doors come in solid oak, to match the era not only in appearance but also material and production. This helps evoke the style of the time more clearly and entrench that theme. We stock an excellent variety of both beautiful English period doors and also gorgeous period French doors, so you can find the door to match the style of your home within our range.

Should Your Door be Unfinished or Prefinished?

All of our products are available as either unfinished or prefinished. While some people may prefer to apply their own finishing to a new door, we offer both options to best serve the variety of needs for our customers.

For period doors, an unfinished look can be ideal for creating the look of the time and matching that style closely and effectively. Ultimately, you want to balance appearance and functionality. Depending on what you want, an unfinished door may be best for suiting a certain period.

Why You Need Fire-Resistant Doors

Fire rated doors are ideal for providing the best in fire and smoke safety. Oak is a naturally dense wood, so it normally holds up well to damage, fire, and smoke. This makes it an effective material to use for building doors as it is.

However, many oak doors can still be fire rated to offer the most protection possible against fire and smoke. The objective is to ensure that you conceal these emergencies to certain areas of the home, both protecting the area and giving you more time to evacuate in an extreme circumstance.

Using Traditionally Outside Doors Inside Your House

Doors designed with a certain time in mind are most often used as exterior doors to highlight the period of the home’s exterior architecture. However, oak doors can also be used inside to create a smooth transition to the inside of the home and maintain the commitment to the period you are emphasizing.

Period internal doors help establish a theme for a business as well and maintain it throughout the entire establishment. Classic solid oak doors or cottage-style doors would suit a pub well while more contemporary doors may be more appropriate for an office setting.

Investing in High-Quality Doors

There are a number of benefits in getting a stylized door to fit with the architecture and period of your home. Purchasing a traditional door can accent other surrounding features and bring out specific qualities that you want to show off.

Period doors accent and draw attention to any unique details found on the outside of your house. You can bring to life a very specific theme or style, which will be bolstered by the feeling of the entranceway.