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Oak Panel Internal Doors


Our Solid Oak Panel Doors are extremely popular in the Panel Doors range. Based on the original design used throughout the Victorian era, Panel Doors achieve a traditional appearance especially in character properties with a vintage chic interior. From fire panel doors for those requiring fire-rated doors to 6-panel doors to complement traditional homes, we have an excellent variety in our collection.

Our team of skilled craftsmen makes every door using only the finest timber. All of our Panel Oak Doors use only PEFC certified wood. This means not only do you retain the natural grain of the wood, but the door will also last a lifetime. The physical feel of the solid oak panel door boasts quality and sturdiness, this as a result of the excellent construction methods used.

Our extensive range of oak panel internal doors have been designed to ensure you find the perfect door to suit your interior styling. Our unfinished doors come ready to be treated. We have a range of oils and waxes in stock for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your choice, don’t forget to visit our door hardware section to add your own finishing touch in the form of door handles, hinges or knobs to achieve the exact look you desire to complement your interior styling.

Whether you are looking to match the vintage interior design with victoria panel doors or trying to achieve a classic look and feel with solid panel doors, we have the doors to fit your needs within our panel doors range. Browse our selection now to find the ideal doors for your property.

All About Panel Doors

Panel doors are hugely popular in homes across the UK. They are doors made of multiple wood panels. We use a careful manufacturing process to fit these panels together and create the finished panel door.

The deliberate design process of the panel door means it can have a varying number of panels. Depending on your personal needs, we can deliver 2 panel doors or 4 panel doors.

5 panel doors will have five inset square or rectangular-shaped panels arranged within the doors. Internal panel doors that look like this are hugely popular.

Panel doors are popular because of the endless design possibilities. The panels in the door can be recessed or raised. Made of solid oak, they can come prefinished or glazed. Interior panel doors can have extra features like mullions, rails and stiles.

Glazed panels have glass panes on each panel in the door. Oak internal doors with glazing are solid, sound-proof and make the space airy by letting light in.

Panel doors are great as exterior doors due to their structural solidity. But, if you want a heavy door and the unique design of panels indoors, then internal panelled doors are a great option.

Our panel doors are hugely popular because of how rigid they are. Our top-level craftsmanship, combined with high-quality oak wood, helps us deliver top quality panel doors that remain durable for many years.

Why Choose Our Panel Doors

We offer panel doors in different designs and styles. But, they all offer the following advantages:

Aesthetic Appeal

Panel doors come in different stunning styles. They’re elegant and offer plenty of natural beauty. There are internal bifold doors that open stylishly and can be used to make a space look bigger.

Glazed panel doors offer added lighting, beauty and charm to a space. If you’re going for a rustic theme, cottage panel doors will add to the appeal of any home.


Our panel doors are strong, durable and made out of solid oak. Internal panelled doors can resist the rain and other elements without taking damage.


Solid oak panel doors are strong and can remain sturdy for over a decade. That’s why they’re popular as exterior doors. If you have a room with valuables in it, interior panel doors are strong enough to keep your properties safe.

Frequently Asked Questions on Internal Panel Doors

What is a Panel Door?

Panel doors are solid doors created by joining square or rectangular panels together.

Where are Panel Doors Used?

Because of their solid construction, panel doors are commonly used as exterior doors. However, they’re beautiful enough to be used as interior doors.

Which is Better — Flush Door or Panel Door?

Panel doors are better than flush doors, thanks to their solid construction. Furthermore, compared to flush doors, panel doors are far more affordable without a major gap in quality.

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