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  1. Solid Oak Rustic Butt & Bead Profile Stable Door
    Solid Oak Rustic Butt and Bead Profile Stable Door
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  2. Solid Oak Rustic V-Groove Profile Stable Door
    Solid Oak Rustic V-Groove Profile Stable Door
    In stock - Est. dispatch after 01st June

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Oak Stable Doors

All of our internal oak stable doors are incredibly sturdy, boasting a thickness of 40mm and crafted from 100% solid oak. Plus you can also rest assured that we only use PEFC certified European oak from sustainable sources. Traditional methods of construction are used in the creation of these table doors with mortice and tenon joints in all corners.

Choose from a variety of styles depending on personal taste and the amount of light you'd like to allow into your home. Browse our interior stable door range now.

What are Stable Doors?

Wooden stable doors aren't just for the horses. Thanks to upgrades in design and style, Internal stable doors have experienced a tremendous increase in popularity in recent years.

When choosing a stable internal door in the UK, you may have several questions: Is it safe to use stable interior doors? What is the best way to install an internal oak stable door? What is the width of a stable internal door?

Here, we’ll cover all the info you need if you're considering purchasing a stable door for internal use in your house.

How Do I Install a Stable Door?

You shouldn’t try to install a stable interior door by yourself — especially if you don’t have experience with DIY tasks. We always recommend you hire a skilled handyperson to help you with this task.

And on our part, UK Oak Doors can help you save installation costs by delivering a solid oak internal stable door that’s easy to install. Since every part of our stable doors is made to precise specifications, installation is faster and simpler.

Internal stable doors that haven’t been properly installed or finished can soon deform and bulge. Not only can this be very expensive for you as a homeowner, but it may also pose a significant fire threat if your door jams and you’re unable to open it.

How Secure are Stable Doors?

When we go to bed at night, we enjoy the idea of a sturdy solid oak internal stable door standing between us and the rest of the world. But how safe can a door be when it is chopped in half, right?

When planning the installation of your stable internal door, be sure to include a certified multipoint locking system on both the top and bottom of the door. With this additional fixture, stable doors become extra secure. In addition, choosing a solid oak barn door rather than a uPVC door will improve your home's security because these doors are stronger.

Internal oak stable doors are more energy-efficient in terms of heating and cooling. With any of our internal doors for sale, you’ll be saving money on long-term heating costs.

What is the Best Type of Stable Door?

While there are different types of stable internal doors for houses, the ‘best' one depends on your personal preferences and the existing style of your property.

Below are questions that can help you make the choice of stable door for your home:

  • Are you looking for a sturdy door for the entrance of your house?

  • Is the stable wooden door going to be in the rear, where there is more natural light?

  • Do you like a modern or classic look in your home?

  • Is it necessary to have a painted stable internal door to fit coloured windows?

The most common kind of stable internal door in the UK is made of wood, usually oak, and wooden panels. Internal stable doors for houses can have a rustic v-groove. They may also have a butt and bead profile. Stable internal doors with a traditional appearance add to the authenticity of older cottage type homes without sacrificing security or heat retention.

If your property is more modern, your choice of an internal stable door doesn’t have to be conventional. To bring your door up to date, consider painting it in a bold colour. We can also deliver a framed ledged and braced door to complete the rustic theme.

Complements to Stable Doors

We have various stable internal doors for sale. But, we also sell other types of internal doors that can greatly complement your stable door. Our interior glazed doors undergo deliberate finishing from the best glaziers in the UK. Their expert glazing means we can deliver beautiful French doors with intricate patterns.

If retro is your style, then you’ll love our 1930’s internal doors. They are vintage, classic and extremely durable.

Our online store is home to shaker doors to provide you with a clean and rustic appeal. We also deliver internal bi-fold doors which can serve as perfect entryways to wider spaces in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stable Door Called?

A stable door is also known as a Dutch door. You can open stable doors independently from the upper or lower part.

Are Wooden Stable Doors Secure?

Yes, they are hugely secure due to a multipoint locking system that allows you to lock the upper or lower part individually.

What Size are Stable Doors?

They should be a minimum of 1.25m wide.