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Five Panel Doors
Five Panel Doors

Five Panel Doors

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  1. Linear 5 Panel Solid Oak Door
    Linear 5 Panel Solid Oak Door
    £215.96 Regular Price £269.95
    In stock - Dispatch In 2 Working days
  2. Five Panel Shaker Style Solid Oak Door
    Five Panel Shaker Style Solid Oak Door
    £224.96 Regular Price £249.95
    In stock - Dispatch In 2 Working days
  3. Vancouver Oak Prefinished Bi-Fold Door
    Vancouver Oak Prefinished Bi-Fold Door
    In stock - Est. dispatch after 29th May

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Oak Five Panel Doors

5 panel doors offer a refreshing take on a traditional style. Panel doors were particularly popular during Victorian times but have stayed relevant ever since. The five panel look brings this traditional style perfectly up to date and provides a contemporary twist on a classic door.

With five sunken panels, 5 panel oak doors have plenty of detail and contrasting tones but without being overpowering and detracting from your home's existing features. Due to the 5 panel door simple style, it can also be finished with either a traditional or modern look through the addition of classic or contemporary door furniture.

Which 5 Panel Oak Interior Door do you have your eye on? We recommend our beautiful 5 panel bifold doors for a modern feel or our stunning white 5 panel doors to complement both contemporary and older homes.

What are 5 Panel Doors?

Our 5 panel oak door range includes the highest quality doors, with solid construction that’ll stand the test of time. Typically, 5 panel internal doors consist of five panels joined together to create a strong, durable door.

The deliberate construction of our five panel internal doors makes them heavy and super rigid. Just like our 2 panel doors, our five panel doors are weather-proof, sound-proof and resilient.

In general, panel doors are ideal as exterior doors because of how strong you are. However, the design of 5 panel doors means they offer plenty of aesthetic appeal for the interior of your home.

For a different style, check out our range of 2 panel doors, 4 panel doors, and cottage panel doors.

Why You Should Consider 5 Panel Internal Doors for Your Home

The obvious reason to buy five panel internal doors for your UK home is the design appeal. The panels on the doors can be raised or recessed. Similarly, manufacturers may arrange the panels vertically or horizontally. The variety of design options means five panel doors can work for different personal tastes.

Another reason you should consider oak internal doors is the security they offer. A 5 panel oak door is solid and impossible to break down. If you’re looking to protect valuables in your home, 5 panel doors are the way to achieve security without a trade-off in design.

Shop our range of 5 panel oak doors today!