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UK Oak Doors offer an extensive range of solid oak doors which can easily be converted into double doors using our solid oak pair maker.

Achieve a Spacious Feel with Double Doors

Double doors are an excellent way to fill a larger threshold but without compromising on the overall appearance of your room or home. Many of our customers have larger openings between rooms, the pair maker makes it possible for them to still hang the style of the door which will best complement their home.

The pair maker is made of solid oak for durability and is supplied pre-sanded and unfinished so that it can be treated to perfectly match the finish of the doors it will be connecting. This allows a smooth, clean finish which is highly sought after in a traditionally styled home, barn conversion or beautiful new build.

What are Internal Double Doors?

Internal double doors are solid wood doors that offer a wide plane of entry into any room. Often confused with French doors, interior double doors are different in that they don’t have multiple panes of glass.

Modern internal double doors are large and made of solid wooden material. The versatility of wood means it can come in a variety of elegant designs. Sometimes, oak double doors may even have a glass pane installed for added aesthetic appeal.

In addition to cheap internal double doors, we also offer internal oak doors and oak veneer doors for conservative decor styles.

Why Choose Internal Double Doors?

Double doors are a perfect fit for the interior rooms in your UK home, thanks to the following:

Grand Entrance

Even cheap internal double doors can create a staggering sense of elegance in your home. Therefore, if you’re looking to class up a room in your home, consider oak double doors. They dramatically change the style and enhance the aesthetics of any space.

Easier to Move Stuff

Because of how wide they open, interior double doors make it easy to move stuff in and out of the room. If it’s a room where you’re looking to install large furniture and fittings, modern internal double doors will make life easier.

While they may not open as wide, we also stock internal barn doors and internal doors with glass.

Aesthetic Elements

One of the top reasons to purchase oak double doors is how beautiful they turn out following installation. Stylistic elements like sidelights and transoms let light in, improving your room’s beauty. Additionally, the way they swing open is a natural focal point that can impress your guests.

If you want other two-door options that offer plenty of aesthetic appeals, check out our internal bifold doors and internal French doors.


Due to their aesthetic appeal, many people assume that internal double doors are not secure. However, that’s far from reality. With features like adjustable hunger systems, interior double doors can be pretty solid and secure.

Reduced Energy Bills

Installing modern internal double doors in your home can reduce your overall HVAC costs. While other types of doors take more time to open, the reverse is the case for oak double doors. They can open and close quickly, reducing how much air escapes into the atmosphere.


Even though interior double doors tick all the aesthetic boxes, durability is not left behind. Solid oak double doors offer high protection and are viable as security doors. Oak is resilient and will retain its quality through winter, summer and humid conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions:

What are Double Doors Called?

Double doors may be called French doors, thanks to having their origin in France. The ideal for double doors came from windows big enough to open and walkthrough.

What is the Purpose of a Double Door?

Oak double doors are great for adding a sense of grandeur to interior spaces. Furthermore, if the internal room will be seeing a lot of traffic, double doors can help you exert some level of control.

How Much Does Double Doors Cost?

Double doors can cost between $150-$300, depending on the style and pattern of the door.

What is the Gap Between Double Doors?

The ideal gap between double doors is 3-5mm. At this range, the interior double doors will swing open correctly without the risk of hitting one another. Also, if the gap is larger than 5mm, the double doors will look awkward.

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