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  1. Torino Prefinished Oak Door
    Torino Prefinished Oak Door
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  2. Ravello Prefinished Oak Door
    Ravello Prefinished Oak Door
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  3. Amalfi Prefinished Oak Door
    Amalfi Prefinished Oak Door
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  4. Norwich Modern Oak Door
    Norwich Modern Oak Door
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  5. Idaho Three Panel Oak Door
    Idaho Three Panel Oak Door
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Modern Doors

Our contemporary internal doors & modern internal doors offer the perfect finish to a modern home, the beautiful oak grain will bring character and warmth to any space. All of our oak doors flaunt a minimalist design allowing a range of homes to be well suited to its appearance.

Contemporary Internal Oak Doors

Our range of Contemporary Doors is one of our most popular choices amongst those looking to add some character to their internal rooms. With a number of designs to choose from, choosing a modern internal door instead of the veneer option ensures your doors each have their own individuality.

In particular, the natural wood grain, knots and unique cracks display a unique charm that only solid oak can offer. Authentic modern doors are not only a stylish addition to your home, they are also an investment. Whether you are searching for contemporary french doors to complement a modern home or contemporary glazed internal doors, we have the stock to fit all of your needs.

All of our modern doors are handmade and crafted using only PEFC Certified European Oak; from our Solid Oak Four Panel Glazed French Door, to our Solid Oak Mexicano Contemporary Door, with so many styles to choose from our team of oak door experts are on hand to make buying a modern oak door as easy as possible. Once you’ve selected your design and size, we have a wide range of oils, waxes and wood treatments to give your door the perfect finish.

This process adds to the experience of buying a contemporary door as we work with you to select the best products to enhance the natural beauty of your chosen design. We recommend browsing our modern french doors to add a contemporary feel to your home or our modern glazed internal doors for a luxury element to your property.

What are Contemporary Internal Doors?

The word contemporary means “of the same time"" or ""belonging to the same period”. This definition is precisely the significance of our contemporary internal doors for sale. Our collection of contemporary internal doors are of the moment, and their style reflects that.

Old fixtures and fittings may detract from a property with stylish new furnishings. Unfortunately, modern interior doors are an important but sometimes ignored aspect of designing a room. They can make all the difference in whether your space appears fresh and new or old.

A modern home in the UK requires the correct selection of contemporary oak internal doors to complete its on-trend design. And we have a fantastic collection of modernist doors in our catalogue. You can browse our contemporary internal doors from around the UK and choose your pick.

Why Choose Modern Internal Doors?

Modern internal doors are available in various colours, styles, and finishes to fit any preference. Our collection has everything you might desire in a modern oak door, whether you like something basic and modest or a more elaborate design.

If you have a neutral colour scheme in your house, a contemporary interior door in classic white or elegant wood is a great way to tie everything together. 

Alternatively, our modern oak internal doors offer warmth and refinement. We also provide various glazed options to add natural light to an otherwise dark room and solid panelled doors for maximum security.

Types of Contemporary Doors

Contemporary internal doors are available in many styles, although the emphasis is still on having clean lines and a sleek appearance. Modern materials such as wood primed MDF with glass panels or aluminium with glass are used to manufacture modern internal doors in the UK. Some modernist doors have MDF facades with solid wood cores. 

Below are some of the top modern internal door options in our online store:

Shaker Doors

We deliver shaker doors which are a popular choice for modern interior doors. These shaker style doors blend their rustic aesthetic with the diverse taste of contemporary interior doors.

Bi-fold Doors

Our collection of bi-fold doors have two leaves, each with two folding panels. The rear portions are folded against one other to open them. Bifold designs on a modern interior door can have up to four panels.

Glazed Doors

A contemporary internal door with a glass panel is an alternative option for modern decor styles. Our internal glass panel doors offer a simple, elegant appearance. 

The sleek lines and simple designs of glass panels inside modern oak doors take inspiration from European aesthetics. Get your own glazed modern internal door in the UK from our online store today.

French Doors

We deliver modern oak internal door styles in the form of internal French doors. These heavily feature glass panels that aid illumination in your home. They usually come in six glass panels, and they allow transparency in your home.

Stable Doors

Contemporary oak internal doors can also come in the form of stable doors. Our catalogue of internal stable doors come with portioning for the upper and lower parts. 

1930’s Doors

For the lover of all things retro, our 1930’s internal doors will give your home a vintage aesthetic and classic appeal. The 1930’s doors may not seem ideal for a modern internal door. But they make a perfect match by combining the rustic and contemporary looks into one cohesive blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Contemporary Door?

A contemporary door is a modern style of door that is of the moment and reflects trending styles.

Discover the fusion of modernity and tradition with our contemporary oak doors. For additional innovative designs, visit our complete online collection.