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Oak Bifold Doors


From doors to high-end furniture; oak is undoubtedly one of the most impressive materials on the market. At UK Oak Doors, our goal is to provide a high-quality, premium-grade, sustainable oak for our products and our range of internal oak bifold doors is absolutely no different.

Oak is a naturally tough material, which not only looks beautiful and natural, and, despite what you might think, it won’t put a strain on your purse strings either.

Have you been searching for the perfect 4 panels bifold door for a premium look or are you more attracted to the contemporary yet classic feel of bifold french doors? We have a great selection of all of the doors to fit your specific needs.

We recommend taking a peek at our exceptional white bifold doors if you are trying to achieve a more modern look at your property. Browse the collection now to view the whole bi-fold range.

Why Internal Bifold Doors?

Internal oak bifold doors are a type of interior door designed to fold back one panel after the other. This is in stark contrast to regular doors that open up to a standard hinge. Although the name indicates they only have two panels, internal bifold doors may have up to three or four panels.

Also known as folding doors or concertina doors, internal bifold doors are best for creating a smooth transition between spaces. With deliberate installation, you can open your living space, maximizing even the smallest of spaces.

Oak bifold doors are a fantastic addition to any home, with many benefits, including living space expansion and the opportunity to increase natural light within a property.

Here at UKOakDoors, we make the best internal oak doors in the UK. When you choose from our collection, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

Easy to Maintain

Our oak sliding doors are easy to maintain and offer the flexibility that every modern home requires since it gives the option to fully open a wall or open the doors to the desired width within the frame.

Connect Living Spaces

Our solid wood bifold doors are a great way to connect different rooms in your home. Whether you’re looking to connect the kitchen to the sitting room or a study to the bedroom, our premium internal bifold doors are a great fit. They’re elegant, stylish and will fit the decor of both new and older houses.

Divide Living Spaces

The price of an internal oak bifold door is well worth it when you consider the flexibility and privacy on offer. For open-plan homes, sliding concertina doors are a great fit.

For instance, you can install an internal bifold door to separate the kitchen from the sitting room area. If you’re entertaining guests, you can also open the door to create more space.

Oak veneer bifold doors can come in glazed designs that ensure you’re not losing any light between living spaces. Of course, if you’re going for privacy, an obscure glass design on your internal bifold door will do a great job.

Elegant Style

Our internal bifold doors are made from oak. In the world of home decor, oak is highly rated for its timeless style. It can complement different types of furnishings including wooden tables, hardwood flooring, chairs and fittings.

Its natural wooden tones hardly clash with other decor styles. Therefore, no matter your home’s aesthetic style, you can expect oak veneer bifold doors to fit in seamlessly.

Thermal Efficiency

The price of hardwood internal bifold doors is a plus thanks to the possibility of huge energy savings. Due to the thickness of the wood, internal oak bifold doors are incredibly energy efficient. During cold winters, they’ll trap heat inside the living space. Consequently, you won’t have to spend too much on heating and energy bills.

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Thermal efficiency is not the only element-related benefit of our concertina doors. These doors will also keep the sound out too. If you’re looking for a little privacy or a quiet “haven” from the kids, they’re an ideal fit.

Highly Durable

With the price of internal oak bifold doors in the UK, it’s only normal to want value for money. New doors should last for a long time without the need for expensive repairs. Oak doors are extremely solid and will stand the test of time.

Environmental Friendliness

Our folding doors are made from oak — a natural material without a need for extensive manufacturing processes. Automatically, this equals less carbon dioxide emission during the manufacture and finishing.

Here at UKOakDoors, we go the extra mile by sourcing oak wood from environmental, safety and health compliant locations.

We also deliver internal doors with glass in varied styles for your benefit. Check out our collection today!

Look Through Our Collections Today

Our gorgeous range means you’ll never have to compromise style over price again. We’ve hand-selected a fantastic range of oak folding doors, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call on 01455 501546, and one of our expert customer service team will be happy to help.

We also offer top-quality construction for internal barn doors and oak veneer doors.

Types of Internal Oak Bifold Doors

As part of our commitment to providing the best internal oak bifold doors in the UK, our doors come in two different types: pre-finished, and unfinished.

Unfinished Bifold Doors

If you’re the type that wants to add a personal finishing touch to your door, our unfinished internal oak bifold doors are your best bet. After taking delivery of them, you can stain or paint them in any shade, finish or colour you want.

This way, it’s easier to make sure they match existing decor. If you want them to stand out compared to your home’s decor, you can also choose a finish that achieves that.

Pre-finished Bifold Doors

If you want a traditional look with minimal effort on your part, our prefinished bifold doors should be your go-to. These folding doors already go through a rigorous treating and finishing process.  All you’ll have to do is install them.

We use high-quality finishes that guarantee long-term use and durability. Finally, our pre-finished internal oak bifold doors are a time saver. There’s no need to wait for the finish to dry. Simply buy and install them immediately!

Glazed Bifold Doors

As mentioned earlier, glazed bi-fold doors work to let the light in or ensure maximum privacy. Depending on your need, you can choose from frosted or clear glazing designs.

Clear Glass

If you’re installing oak veneer bifold doors between interconnected spaces (like the dining area and the kitchen), clear glass is a popular option. Clear glass glazed bi-fold doors offer an unobstructed field of view while allowing light to flow between the two living spaces.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass bifold doors are best to separate living and communal areas. With this kind of folding door, you can still expect a gentle light diffusion from one space to the other. However, as long as the doors are closed, you’ll always have unhindered privacy.

We also offer top-quality construction for internal double doors and interior french doors.

Choose Internal Oak Bifold Doors

Paying the price of an average internal oak bifold door will give your living space added flexibility. Look through our collection to find the ideal folding door to transform your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some popular questions about internal bifold doors:

Are Internal Bifold Doors a Good Idea?

Yes, internal bifold doors are a great idea. They are a straightforward yet effective solution for saving space in many homes. For UK homes, internal oak bifold doors offer a touch of modernism and positive aesthetic appeal. They also make for a great space divider while also opening the space when there’s a need for it.

Do Internal Bifold Doors Need a Track?

No, they don’t. Although it’s possible to install bifold doors with upper and lower tracks, internal bifold doors can be installed without using a track.

Are Bifold Doors Worth the Money?

Yes, they are. Internal oak bifold doors are a home improvement feature that offers great value for money. Not only will you get a substantial return on your initial investment, but they’ll also enhance your quality of life.

Who Makes the Best Bifold Doors?

UKOakDoors makes the best bifold doors in the UK. Their internal oak veneer bifold doors are crafted to an incredible standard in every regard.

What is the Best Material for Bifold Doors?

Oak is the best material for a bifold door. Solid oak bifold doors are aesthetically appealing and come in different ranges of colours. As such they combine well with traditional style homes in the UK. Oak requires minimal maintenance and is a great insulator. It’s also sturdy and highly secure.

Where to Put Knobs on a Bifold Door?

No rule states you can’t put knobs anywhere you like on your bifold door. However, the proper position for it lies in the centre (horizontal), about 36 inches away from the flooring. If your bifold doors have panels, the knobs are best in the centre (vertical) of the middle panel.

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