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How To Measure A Door Correctly


When measuring for a door, if you already have one in place it’s best to measure that. For whatever reason you don’t currently have a door in place, we have an easy guide for measuring a door.

Begin by measuring the height of the opening within the door frame at the three locations above: H1, H2 & H3.Then repeat the process for the width, top to bottom as illustrated above: W1, W2 & W3.Out of the measurements taken, use the largest of each set to find the required size needed.It is also important to take into account the thickness of the door. Doors are available in a standard size so you will have to make sure the door you’ve selected relates to your measurements.

Certain doors will allow a trimming allowance, meaning a carpenter can remove a specific amount off the length and/or width to fit your door frame. Example: if you have measured 1975mm (77¾") high x 758mm (29.85") wide x 36mm (1.4") thick then the standard door size to select is 1981mm (78") high x 762mm (30") wide x 35mm (1.4") thick. If your door has a trimming allowance of 15mm for example, you’ll be able to remove 6mm off the height to ensure a proper fit.